Help with signature

Im trying to make a signature for forums, and i have the signature made and everything as a normal flash video, I dont know how to make it so when you move your cursor over the animation, it plays… Can someone please help me?


if you haven’t already put a stop action on the first frame, you shoud do that.

If you don’t know how to add frame actions, you should read the first couple pages of my tutorial section. It’s not complete at yet, but I have the html files from my early work. Starting around , here >

You should probebly set up a loop in there too… if the animation is supposed to do so. In that case you would select the last frame and place a gotoAndPlay(); command to frame 2, avoiding the stop action in frame one.

Now you need to create an invisible button.

Create a square of fill using the rectangle tool.

Select it with the black arrow tool and hit F8. Choose a name for the object, and select ‘button’ from the popup menu.

Double click this object to edit it in place. You’ll see the timeline change to the button innereds. Four frames. Grab frame one by clicking on it and holding the button down. Drag frame one to frame four, the ‘hit’ frame.

Go back to the main timeline.

Scale the button which now looks like a transluescent (sp?) blue square, to the stage. (footers should be 60 by 300 or ssomething like that. The restrictions are in one of the last forum on this board.

on the button place this code (you should know how if you read my tutorials. :slight_smile: )


if you wanted it to go somewhere when clicked simple add on to the button code.

     getUrl("getURL ("", "_blank");",_blank);