Help with strange lag

I have no clue how to reduice the lag in the site I’m working on. I went through the turorial here and did what I could form it but yet I still see lag problems. I have reduced my jpg compresion to 20% and my file size is only 119kb total yet I still get terible lag. I tried to make my text boxes dynamic and not embed the fonts but then my text wouldn’t fade when it was suposed to any more so now the text hides but still there is lag. Any other ideas on how I could make things run smoother?:-\

My Site

How I would like it to work

I don’t see any lag. Where is it exactly?

pom :asian:

What kind of machine you running? I have a 1.2gh with 512RAM and when I drag the windows it has touble keeping up. On that ohter site I listed I see no lag on there drag. If you saw no lag that is great. Mabye I’m worring about nothing.

PS. Do you know why when a font insn’t embeded the text box won’t pick up and alpha change? If I take out the oulines my script that fades things into the background wont change the text alpha with the rest of the movie clip.

OK, I see it now. Sorry :slight_smile:

How do you handle that windows thing? Do you attach them, or are they just invisible?

And concerning the 2nd question, I don’t know why, I just know you have to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :asian:

They just go invisable. I tried with the non embeded font and there wasn’t much difference in the lag so something else is causing it I think.

When you say invisible do you mean _visible=false or _alpha=0?

If you set _alpha=0, flash still renders the object (you can see it if you set your display to 16 colours), if you set _visible=false it doesn’t i.e. _visible=false is a lot lighter on your graphics card.

ya its _visable = false. I also have the text go visable = false when the windows fade into the background which helps. The thing is I see as much lag with regular text as with non embeded text so what is causing the lag?

Hum, in that case, I don’t know if it will be any good, but I really think you should attach the window you need instead of having them all invisible (if it is invisible, why put it at all :)).

pom :asian:

Well a little piece of advice that I learned (forget where, I think david told me, not sure) is that when you attach movie clips from the library it uses up CPU usage causing your computer to lag after a while if you keep doing it.

Even if you remove them? This looks strange, Lost. I don’t see why an attached clip would use the CPU more than a normal movie clip. Some info, anyone?

pom :asian:

So LIB your saying the more MC’s I have visable it will slow down, regardless of the type of text I have in the MC’s? If this is true then there is nothing more I can do to reduce the lag or is there?

Hmmm, if only I can remember where I heard that. I can’t remember at all!