Tell target

ok, i have a clip in the first timeline.\rthis clip contains 3 buttons.\rhow can i tell to these buttons on mouse release to go both:\r\r- to a label inside the clip’s timeline eg. to the 1st frame\r- to a label in the first timeline?\r\\r\rthanx

Well, gotoAndPlay(1) will make it go to the 1st frame of the current movie clip, while _root.gotoAndPlay(“label” ) will make the movie go to the label in _root.\r\rpom 0]

thanx, it works, but why it does not work if i use the simple tell target or the simple gotoandplay?

Well, as you may have noticed, Flash is a software that handles instances of objects. In order not to confuse everything, you have to pinpoint the location of your clips. If a movie clip “general” contains a movie clip “little”, you’ll just need to tellTarget(“little”), but if you want to go the other around, you need to write _parent.gotoAndPlay, or _root.general.gotoAndPlay… Because you’re going “up”.\rIs that clear enough ?\r\rpom 0]

yes man, thanx

i forgot to ask if there is a good book that is completely different from the classic tutorials (macromedia), they simply don’t answer to any question.

well, the reference is the Actionscript Bible (Definitive Guide something), by Colin Moock. He has a site too. there’s a post by Eyez somewhere leading to it.\r\rBut really, I don’t think that a book is totally necessary. There are enough tutorials on the net and enough people on boards not to spend your money in books.\r\rpom 0]

I depends on how you learn. I personaly learn better from spending time with a good book.