Helping Pom not get lost on the big thread (or anyone else)

You wanted a summary of what’s happened since you left?

Basically, we’ve been discussing whatever philosophical or political topic we have opinions on. You could just read the last page and get the general idea, because we’ve been pretty inconsistant. Alternately, you could just say something that’s been on your mind and we’d start discussing it like lemmings.

Here’s what we’ve basically been covering since you went away:

  1. Capital Punishment
  2. Legalising Marijuana
  3. Democracy: Existant Or Not?
  4. The Right To Bear Arms
  5. War
  6. Feminism
  7. Racism
  8. Poverty
  9. Communism

You left out a few things Live-

Also discussed;

Left - Handed Midgets and the part they will play in the New World Order
Aliens & Foreplay: Do they have any?
The Lollipop kids- Were they treated fairly
Liz Taylors Face - If you filled it with helium would it be big enough to carry you to Hawaii?
Pee Wee Herman and the Trilateral Commission: Will he be first World Dictator?

All this and more in the next issue of; Pot-Pourri

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Ah yes. How could I forget?

Man, Phil, I still can’t believe you actually think Pee Wee Herman will beat Mr. T to world dictatorship. It’s SO obvious that Mr. T’s in the lead. Don’t you EVER read the newspaper?

But Pee Wees got way more dirt on him. Mr. T. has only been arrested for cutting down one of hiw own trees, in his own yard, on his own property which he owned in Lake Bluf, Illinois. PeeWee is a perv , thus leaving him with the advantage. Thats about 35 miles from where I live.


Thanks I apreciate that. But please go on. Just be sure to say here what you discuss there. So that I can catch up.

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Well, right now we’re throwing random insults at each other and setting back civilisation tenfold by being all that is flawed with human nature. I’m not sure how exactly it came to that. You might want to wait a bit before you join in.

This thread has been determined to have overflow content and has been deleted by phillie.

I’m -what’s the word ?- aghast. And no need to be sarcastic, Phillie, I don’t know who started this, I don’t give a @#%$, but this the most pathetic thing I’ve seen since I’m posting on boards, and God knows I’ve seen -and done- pathetic things in my life.
pom 0]

Agreed. But from the words in your post it would seem to be for a lot different reasons.


I would just like to say this here.

I told kirupa that I would not get involved in a thread on the general good and bad of religion here… why? Because it gets heated. The same thing applies to political sciences, but I fell into the trap anyway.

I would suggest, if you really want a civil discussion on the matter, that it be done in the same way as a debate.

Two people are given some amount of words to bear out each of their sides on an issue without any interuption or questions.

Then both parties are allowed to ask a series of questions of each other, and allowed to REPLY to those questions before more posts are made.

Then at the end, a general question an answer period for others to chime in…

Then answers from either person who was questioned…

THEN final rebuttle, and closing arguements.

Unless some sort of format like this is used, the conversation will always continue to degrade to a level of name calling. I’ve seen it time and time again. It’s always the same.