Hey FLahmates

Hey everyone, i just came up with a great idea for a game, and gues what, i MADE IT, it took me nearly 3 weeks to great the difficult components of this game, please try it out, i’m sure you will like it very much, it takes a couple games to figure it out, but its a lot of fun and a little tricky, i am thinking of submitting it to the SOTW, what do you think, is it SOTW matterial of BETTER?




… :x :slight_smile:

I must say… that is one of the greatest games ever!

Whoa!! Thats… scratches head

Thats no game…! thats just a button and a MC…

Think outside the box Ray =)

Its more than that!!!

Its some lines, text, and some AS too!!!

Wow, to think I’ve been racking my brain as to what to make, when I can make something simple like that and get rave reviews! : P w00t!


Ohh I see now!!! ITs WAY more than that! Thanks Lost, i have found my way! I love this game, its so predictable, and even I can beat it!

Thank you!!! =)

Wait… I haven’t beaten it yet…

BEAT IT!!! W00t!!!


Ok I have a cheat code… Click on the… RIght one.

I know you’ll want to click on the left one, trust me, it doesnt work.

Oh, did i give away the game? sorry…

=) hehe

Man, genius Ray… just genius. You must be a game designer to be able to figure that one out. :stuck_out_tongue:

i am sick

yes i told you it was fun, i am comming up with the cheats, it is kinda tricky at first, but after playing about 20 games, you start to figure out the pattern, —Thanks

OMG! you guys are too funny here!!! LOL
I pressed the right one!!!

good grief… you guys have some twisted minds…

Maybe that’s why I fit in so well :stuck_out_tongue:

Might as well throw away my PS2 and spend the remainder of the winter playing this magically wonderful game!!! :slight_smile:

Sooo sweet!

w00t! (<–???)

w00t! 1337!! Linux rulz win suckz!

You know, Eilsoe, that’s how young people talk now… :frowning:

So, is “w00t” a replacement for “YEARH!!!”… or somethin’?

The modern linguistics has a lot of z’s in it…

W00t replaces WOO HOO or YEAH.

Ah, finally the pieces fall together…

Being non-american, it takes a while to update…

or maybe I should just start writing in danish… that’d be uncool i think :P:P

Så ville ingen af jer fatte en skid! :stuck_out_tongue: Hahaa :slight_smile:

What, the villiage is filled with fat kids?


"Then none of you would understand a thing!"


But it was close…! :slight_smile:

(not) :P:P:P