Hey how do I get to the curves optimizer?

I hear about it all the time… there’s some place where you can slide a bar and reduce your file size. I’ve been using flash for a while now but I have never ever come across that… could someone point me in the right direction?

The option you are looking for is the “optimise”, although i am unsure how it exactly works it is located in the Modify>Optimise…you can move the slider to the left to lower the file size but i do not know what the checkbox options mean exactly…

ah yes, thank you… but how do I use it? it’s never lit up for use…

Select your drawn items that you want to optimize. I believe they HAVE to be drawn in Flash, I don’t think you can select images imported into Flash, you can change that quality and file size in the properties of the image in the library.

You can’t select movie clips, you have to keep double clicking the clip until you get to the part where you drew what was in it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

yes thank you, I kept selecting graphics and movie clips