Hiding Right-Mouse button menus

Hi can any one tell me how to hide most of the menu when you right mouse click over a movie so that just “About Macromedia Flash Player” and maybe “Settings” depending on the flash player version.\r\rThanks to anyone who can help, Chris

Check your publish settings (File > Publish Settings…) click on the “HTML” tab and make sure “Display Menu” is not checked off.

Hi thanks for that !

Hi, that works for the html export but i need to use this flash movie on a website .html page. Idealy i would be able to hide most of the menu on a .swf file. However it doesn’t look as if this is possible so do you know how i can import html into dreamweaver?

Uhh… open up the exported HTML file using a text editor such as notepad, copy the <OBJECT> and <EMBED> tags. Open up the HTML file you wish to publish to the web in a text editor. Locate where you want the flash file to appear and paste it in there.

Thanks alot!

or, you could just type ‘menu=false’ in your embed tag

hmm…how do i hide it on a standalone player?