This is the company that made Reefster’s Donnie Darko site. All the stuff they make is confusing as hell!


dear god the design there makes my eyes hurt

Lol - I only got up to level 3 for DD.

Very cool site - I dig it :smiley:

ah, you hit a classic

I love the video of all the different videos at a slightly different start time

Heh, I like it. A lot. It may have been a little confusing, but if I thought of a place to go it wasn’t difficult to get there, the navigation was pretty intuitive. I like the strangeness of it all, and how its just plain different.

ditto… tho that site has the most terrible design… (for a “kool” site)… the movie i saw on it was brilliant… very very cool… it was amazing!

the have amazing work, and it doesn’t make my eyes hurt at all, perhaps you just got a bad background (it’s random)