OMG This is the most amazing site I've ever seen

Check it out, you won’t believe your eyes. There’s only the structure.

pom :crazy: :crazy:

Pom you are so correct! and i though that my new site was good!
lol, i still gotta lotta work on it but i love it.

Wow that is a really good site. Wish I could make em like that.

Wow, I previously knew of neostream, and their version before this was absolutely astounding also.

I haven’t seen this version yet. I wonder when they posted it.

Most excellent indeed.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Wow that site is dominant. It’s filarious how you can hit the guy when he is just standing there. All of the animations are awesome!


I love the hitting stuff! esp how the power of your hit is dependent apon the speed of your mouse! awesome.

Very cool animations.
Very bad usability!
Links you have to rollover to learn where they go, every time you go to a section, no more menu, one useless click on the back button to get back to the menu where visited links don’t even change so you don’t have to remember where they all go…BAD!

Show this to J.Nielssen, he’ll kill it :wink:

But i love the animations…


eyezver> who gives a sh*t about usability when a site rocks ? :slight_smile:
usability sucks :cowboy:
just kiddin, but you know, why care when so many people (the audience) will simply say “uzabeeliwhat ? I don’t mind it rocks anyway !” ? :smirk:

Hmm… it would be good if it told you where the links went but I think the site was made purely to show clients how good they are. :hat:

I agree with eyezberg… :slight_smile:

There is a term… “stickiness” which doesn’t get used very much any more:elderly:

This site has amazing content, but is laid out so that anyone without a lot of patience, or really wants to see gratuitous animation, is going to leave quickly, and not come back:(

It doesn’t matter if your site “rocks” if it doesn’t do the job it was designed to do… that is to “sell” your product. Whether that product is your ability, your style, or a widget, almost all websites are designed to “sell” or promote either and idea or product. =)

I think Jacob Neilson goes a bit far, but his motivations (used to be, at least before Macromedia hired him) were on the right track.

I feel this site pads their ego more than anything else.

My humble opinion… :-\


It is a vey amazing site ( mind blowing to say the least). I do agree though with some of the other comments about usability and navigation but then we do have to remembr this is only a concept site. Mabye they will have an option to navigate without animation or someting.

Not sure if this counts but…

Before the site loads they give you a black screen that tells you that this is an early version and may vary from the final version and what you see are just some of the main concepts or something along those lines.

Could be that they aren’t completely done the site, but had enough done that they figured they could launch it.

Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I wuz gonna post the same argument lost! :slight_smile:

People are sorta givin’ the site a hard time even before it’s done! Wait it out fellas :slight_smile:

Yesm, I was a bit overzealous… :evil:

I am just tired of seeing Flash sites which are difficult to read/navigate. :frowning:

It makes my job of trying to sell clients on a Flash site vs. HTML that much harder when, as JN says, “the most clicked button on the internet is ‘skip intro’” :*(

okay, enough of my whining, the site has amazing animation and artwork:P


Yeah the animations are FANTASTIC!! :stuck_out_tongue:

My idea of an intro for a site, would be a SHORT, dazzling/simple presentation of ones logo/name…

No more than a few seconds… 5 at the most… so people can overcome the fact that they HAVE to see it every time they enter the url… :slight_smile:

I agree with the intro thing.

ALthough, I am thinking about creating an intro to my site, but I will have an Enter w/ Intro button and a Enter w/o Intro button. So either or people don’t have to see it if they don’t want to.

That is if I create one, my animation and drawing skills in Flash totally bite. If I don’t create one it will be some effect thing with my logo or something, which isn’t really an intro, just a splash.

I am actually leaning the other way…

On my site I have a static page, no intro, and the only flash I have is my portfolio… at the moment:P <i> Which I wouldn’t mind your opinions</i>

Stick around I’ll change that soon too, probably… :slight_smile: I am never happy with anything I do for very long:*(


I have the same problem with not being happy with what I make. I change up versions on my site more than some people change clothes :stuck_out_tongue:

I was working on a Full Flash site but it was giving me too many problems, so I am probably going to make a “Flash Enhanced” HTML site.