Hocus Pocus Help

Hello ello,

I saw an incredible site and got again a question.
My previous questions are looking hard to solve, because nobody can answer me.

But I can ask worser questions…

How do they make blending things, like on http://www.yulia-nau.de/splash.htm .
And so smooth actions…

Second question, how can you make the rapid flash, when things are getting bright very quickly, they turn white very fast.
Don’t know if you understand the last one.

Hope to have a few answers, I’m getting lonely… :frowning:

Always ready for a joke eh

Sorry man… I wish I was able to answer your questions. Most seem a little obscure. like “blended things”… what do you really mean by that?

Smoothness is done through “trial and error”, and a little know how. Usually it involved balancing off file size,frames per second, and quantity of frames.