Home page design

Kirupa, please don’t get mad at me for posting this on the flash 5 forum, but its the only forum people really visit. Do yall like the banner with the squares moving stationarly across or the little link on the bottom of the home page with the squares bouncing across. I like the bouncing, just looks more professionaly done and cooler. Thats my $200 worth, now yall can all give your $.02 worth and see if it adds up to my $200.

Kind of sounded like an ass. So since I couldn’t figure out how to delete the thing I just edited. I don’t wanna sound like OllieBrindley. Poor Ollie.


Concerning your question NaliWasjhvcqlh, I sugest your read Kirupa’s tutorial about clouds and stuff. You just replace the moving clouds with several moving layers with sqaures on them and you’re off (does that expression even exist ?).