Home sweet home. (Post info about yourself)!

Just wondering where everyone is from on here and what your backgrounds are?

I really enjoy these forums and the site. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me. Not only in Flash, but also just a good community feeling that doesn’t make me feel like I’m the only Flash designer in my neighborhood (IRL or virtually). Everyone here is really nice, helpful, and honest. :slight_smile:

If kirupa and the mods (isn’t that an 80’s band?) ever feel like this is a bother, let me assure you that your kindness is much appreciated.

Myself, I live in Houston, Texas. I’m an Art Director for a nutritional supplement/education company and a freelance designer trying to get my foot in the door for website design (specifically Flash, of course). I’m 28-years (edit: make that 29 as of late, gosh, not used to saying that) old and have been designing professionally (as in, it pays the bills) for over seven years.

I’ve done everything from simple web design, to many print jobs, to t-shirt and label design, to multimedia graphic design.

So…what about you?


kirupa: I edited the subject to get more people to read this.

Every month, the question rises from its grave…
I’m 21, living in Paris, Texas… I mean France. I’m studying in an engineering school of informatics, which explains why I can do some unuseful stuff like counting in binary up to… a lot, speaking fluently Assembler language, and putting some very long command lines in my UNIX shell.
How about that ?

pom 0]

Btw, t2d, can you show us what you did previously ?? If you ever worked on the net before, of course…

This question does seem to appear quite frequently. It’s still cool though; every time someone puts something different :slight_smile:

I’m 17 and a student in Hoover High School in Birmingham, Alabama in USA. I am a big Flash freak, and I enjoy anything computer related. Most of my day is spent doing homework, but I do find a few mins each day to play a few games with a few peeps I know (NaliWarCowz).

I am also a big music buff. Hardly a minute goes by when I’m not listening to music on my computer. My all-time favorite band has to be the Bee Gees; I have collected over 29 of their albums from the past 30 years. I also wrote a book.

If I remember any thing else, I’ll be sure to post it!


I’m a 31 year old goof off. I’ve gotten really good at it, but since I got my first super8 camera, I’ve been making claymations and such. I really just love seeing something that I create come to life… probebly a bit of the god complex in me.

Other than that, I’m trying to get my life in gear, trying to be a good fiance, and trying not to let the after life consume too much of my attention.

My ulitmate goal is to convince the world to stop being so childish, get over itself, and work on some real problems.

I like good food, good wine, dispise most sports, all organized religion, and most people in general (wouldn’t know that from talking to me would you?)

ahh maybe I’m just bull****ting myself.

I’m just a person with a hell of an imagination who likes watching pretty pictures move in front of my eyes.

18, Virginia, USA. nothing else to do in freetime besides play in a band (guitar), piano, take photography, school, make music, break music (term meaning figuring out how to play songs from the radio and my cds on my guitar), so besides that, i flash on a regular basis. right now i’m working on my own site (finally…) which should hopefully be up by mid-march. anyway, besides flash, i code in c++, i built my own computer from scratch (instead of buying a whole new computer each year, i just upgrade what’s necessary), and i work for a company (www.vodium.com) that’s right by my school. i kinda learned computers on my own without any intention of doing anything big with such a career. my first computer was a Packard Bell P.O.S. (piece of sh-it) with a total of 50 mb of space running windows 3.1. that’s where my legacy pretty much started. anyway, thats all i really want to reveal bout myself.

…|., (FU2)

Like, Didn’t someone just ask this question and stuff? It’s like De Jevu all over again. Is that last statement an oxymoron? At one point in my life I wore striped bell bottoms to school, parted my long hair in the middle, wore a satin shirt that made my nipples show through which makes me around 39 years old. Eyzeberg has often accused me, and in public of straying from the subject. Kirupa plays with fire and Ilyas and Uppy are happy again. Games without frontiers, war without tears. What was the subject matter again…Oh, ya. I am a male type (obvious) human unit. Orientation: dicks are for chicks (hetro not metro) not that theres anything wrong with that… Politics: Not a dimes werth of difference between a republican and a democrat. Everything in this country regarding politics revolves in some way around the entrenched fiefdoms of Oil and Drugs and the font of money they both create for the participants of our corrupt political parties. Religion: I believe I will spend eternity with God because Christ died for all my sins. I also despise all organized religions. Lifes disappointment; that I will never achieve my lifelong chief ambtion of becoming World Dictator. Greatest achievement of Mankind: The Bill of Rights, The U.S. Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution. Mankinds greatest evil; It’s own failure to show itself totally and eternally incapable of governing itself. What will cause Americas coming downfall; It’s dependence on foreign oil. Site of the next nucleur bombing. Pakistan or India, or some unnamed large American city, estimated time left on clock; 5 years. Future prospect for world; Doom. Other than that my phavorite color is purple and I like cats.

phil-isophically yours,

Wow phil…You stole the words right out of my mouth. Well, except the part about the long hair, bell bottoms, and the whole nipple thing oh yeah, and I’m 19 and from NY. I ditto all of Phil’s opinions on the doom of the world and politics.

I have been ditto’d. Hmmmmm.


whoa…(keanu reeves style). those are a lot of words.

I know its a lot of werds but I just learned how to read and right, like a week or two ago and need the praktice.


Hey Phil (and certainly anyone else to boot), read Michael Moore’s new book, "Stupid White Men, and other sorry excuses for the state of the nation. I think you’ll find it delightful.

Turned 18 last week. I live in Redondo BEach California. I raduated from HS last year. Ive been drawing for about 5 years and have been desiging sites and other such things for the past 2 years. im devoted, compulsive and very tired. i took a semester off from college and spend 14 hours a day expanding my art skills and merging different styles. i’m currently unemployed but i’ll be getting a job at a wells fargo bank soon as a teller. When im not at home designing or IM people i can be found out with my friends at the local Japanese market. I love japanese culture even tho im hispanic lol.

I’m back! (from a week hollidays), first thing i did was switch on the comp’ to say hello and check the post, 2nd thing was change site to check out Macromedias announcement of Flash MX (now that’s a stupid name, what’s that s’posed to mean, wouldn’t Flash 6 - I like that number! - have been ok?!), now I’m here again:
36, married, 2 kids, (selling shoes and I could be Al Bundy…), not enough time for anything, living in Paris/ France like pom, speak German, French (obviously…), Italian, Spanish (some, forgot most, pero todavia me recuerdo un poquitito, vts…), and Action Script (by far not as good as supra, the mysterious man…what do we know about HIM?!):
on (reply){
function read (this);
and glad to be back home
return (“Yo!”);

PS: i don’t remember what sig i used last, so i’m not using it here…

Its good to see your eye again. Doh!


Hi Phil,
did you make some room? ICQ-me!