Tell us about yourself. (name b-day occupation aspiration)

nameVariable=dhaisley;\rtellAboutSelf(){\routPut=“Hello, my name is “+nameVariable+” and I’m a Flasher”;\r}\r\rSo… I thought it might be nice with all the new faces showing up, to have the random thread which visits all forum at one point or another. This is an introduction thread.\r\rTalk a little about yourself, spam your web page links here, tell us a little about your skillz or lack there of. Age Weight and sexual orientation are completely optional.\r\rName: David\rAge: 31\rWeight: 180-185 (depending upon how good a month it’s been)\rEyes: Hazel\rHair: Brown\r\rSO: Happily Hetero, with a fiance in the work. I’m a voracious flirt though, so be careful. (yes my little lady is fully aware of that. She’s also fully aware that I’m going to be with her for the rest of my life. :slight_smile: )\r\rSkillz: Well… I’ve been doing Flash now for 2 and a half years. I also dabble in HTML DHTML javascript, mySql, Perl, PHP, ASP ,XML, 3D artwork, and 2D artwork. I do a lot of photography with a Sony Mavica (looking forward to the time when I can afford a good digital camera). I also sing in the shower, quite well (I have a pretty good baritone voice). I cook like a tornado, but always make an exceptional meal as I just love to eat good food.\r\rHomelife: I live in the American North East with my fiance and my dog Poe. We like to do web design (my girl is a pro designer… yes she really does make a living off of it) but in addition we like to take walks in the NY woodland, we bring nature books so that we can look up what we see. \rSometimes, a lot more than we’d like to admit, we can be found wrestling over the TV remote control, as she likes Nature programs, and I’m all Scifi.\r\rMy dog was named after Edgar Alan, but there is a double meaning to it. Being a Chow Lab mix, he’s part Chinese. The Po of the Chinese myth is our shadow, a sort of blacker version of ourselves who leads us astray from our path. (If I’m reading this stuff correctly. :wink: ). He’s also entirely black, and looks a little like a raven. So many meanings… I just had to name him Poe.\r\r[c]\r<embed src=“” quality=high pluginspage=“” type=“application/x-shockwave-flash” width=“300” height=“400”>\r </embed> \r[/c]\r\r--------------------------------------------\rSpam\r\r\rEmail\r[email protected]

I agree upuaut, and I have made this a sticky thread so everyone can see this at all times.\r\rName: Kirupa Chinnathambi\rAge: 17\rWeight: 145\rEyes: Dark Brown\rHair: Black (hey, I’m asian!)\r\rSkillz: I’ve been flashing since version 3 of Flash came out in the days of Netscape domination and 32MB of Ram. I’m a high school student and I possess an amazing ability to somehow procrastinate all my assignments till the last day before they are due. I am a big computer freak and anything computer-related especially great 3D graphics and games interest me the most. I also wrote a book…\r\rHomelife: Like I mentioned before, I am a student and I live with my parents Alabama (Alabama is really not a bad place as one might imagine lol). When I am not working on this site, I am doing homework, putting off doing homework, or playing games with a few friends.\r\rYou can read more about me from this URL:\r\rCheers!\rKirupa

Well, I suppose I’m a regular here, and I will be for a time to come. Might as well let you all know exactly what goes on in the life of Jubba.\r\rName: Jeffery James Edick\rAge: 19\rHeight: 6’1"\rWeight: 175 lbs (trying to gain some weight…i’m too thin)\rEyes: Blue\rHair: Blonde \r\rSkillz: None. I have been using Flash since the end of January 2002. Not very long, so my skillz are at a minimum. I can write my own HTML code for all the basic things and I have to because all I can afford are free hosts because I am a broke college student. Someday I’ll have money and I’ll start a website…I am big into scripting mainly because I suck at designing. I am working on that. I currently have two projects coming up, but one is free and the other is paying me with skateboards, T-shirts and stickers. \r\rHomelife: Since I am a broke college student I live at home for 5 months out the year, and the other 7 are spent in Binghamton, New York. The townies are the freakiest people that I have ever experienced. And I experience a whole bunch of freaky people where I work. McDonald’s. My happy place of employment for the last 3.5 years where I still only make 7.50 an hour and I work close to 50 hours a week. When I am home I have the best time of my life though. Tuesday’s Thursday’s and Sunday’s Nights around 11 pm, my friends and I meet up in the JCPenny/Staple’s parking lot for a huge game of Ultimate Frisbee. It gets intense, soooo much fun. And I just hang out with my friends. Most of my time is spent with my friends, with my girlfriend, at work, at my computer, or at my local (crappy) skatepark. Well, the city calls it a skatepark; its actually an old tennis court that they threw some crappy ramps in. \r\rAnd I have two dogs, miniature dachsunds. The smaller red male is named Jake, he gets excited when he meets new people and rolls onto his back and pisses all over the place. The bigger black-and-tan female is named Taxi, and when she meets new people she makes them bleed. She is the spawn of the devil, but she is MY dog!! So I trained her well…\r\rThats enough about me. I think thats everything there is to know. \r\rCheers,\rJubba

I am probably the newest person on these forums who intends to hang around… so this is me…\r\rName: Dan Baker\rAge: 17\rHeight: 6’1"\rWeight: I dunno what it is in Kg… I’ll get back to ya :wink: \rEyes: Turqoise\rHair: Brown\r\rSkills: No proffesional qualifications as yet!!! I only started using flash like a week ago. I am a HTML person really, I just like what flash can do, So decided to check it out. I prefer designing to scripting, so most of my sites are more pretty than functional. I have 3 projects on the go, my own personal site - - a final fantasy site - [url=“”] - and I am making a website for a local band who are paying me, so hopefully I will be able to afford a domain name and some hosting after that!\r\rLife: I live at home, with my parents, brother, sister and MY dog (not theirs no matter how much they want it to be!!!). I go to college where I study Law, Politics, ICT and geography. I hate it. A lot. All i want to do is web design, but no where will take me (not that i’ve looked now i think about it) until I get qualifications. I am off to uni in a year and a bit… I want to study web design or internet computing. General week… College 5 days a week, two nights out of those 5 are spent working in a supermarket, which is lame. The rest of the time, I am either with my girlfriend, with my friends or at the skate park, which like Jubba is mearly a piece of tarmac with some lame excuses for ramps shuvved in. It sucks too. Friday nights are ussually spent in a club called the jailhouse… which happens to be only 25 metres from the city jail… its still the worst club in the city for drugs, lol! \r\rWell, thats pretty much it i think.\r\rIf you need to e-mail me you can on: [email protected] and if you wanna chat to me on MSN my address is [email protected] :smiley: \r\rDoes anyone else use MSN on here?

Halo-\r My name is Phil. Phil Jayhan. I am 39. A male type human hetro unit. I am also tired and will finish this tomorrow, thought I had the strength. But I am phinding my energies failing. Fading. Melting…\r\rLater-\rPJ\r:p

Ok I’ll try not to bore you all to death :slight_smile: \rMy names Simon, I’m 30 and from the UK. I’ve been married for 3 years to Rachel the love of my life for the last 10 years, and have a beautiful daughter named Lauren.\rI don’t really have any computer skills worth mentioning really. I bought a pc 3 years ago and since then have taught myself html and I’ve also been flashing now for a few months.\rI also quit my engineering job of 6 years recently! yep I’d had enough of it and I really didn’t want to spend the rest of my working life in a dying industry :frowning: \rI’m currently doing landscape gardening and general handyman work for myself.\rI’m really pleased with the way things are going so far! I’m not really advertising and already I’m getting work :slight_smile: \rIt’s alot harder than what I’m used to though.\r\rAlso I love hanging around the boards reading peoples posts and trying to learn as much as I can.\rThat’s about it for know :wink:

Well I’m prolly one of the newbies to this board but i bring over 2 years experience to the table. Let’s see:\r\rAge: 21\rHeight: 6’6"\rWeight: 185lbs\rEye: Blue\rHair: Blonde\r\rUm…i’ve been programming since i was 12. Started with basic then expanded into many other languages. Some include: C/C++, Java, Perl, PHP, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, XML, mySQL, CGI.\r\rOn the design end: I love Illustrator 10 and Photoshop 7! And we can’t forget flash! I’ve been using Flash for a little over 2 years. \r\rWhen I’m not behind my box coding or designing, i’m out running around making dry ice bombs…only sometimes. And my favorite quote: so much to code, so little time.

Name: Angela\rAge: 23\rWeight: A lady never answers this\rEyes: Green\rHair: Blonde\r\rSkillz: Highly suspect. I’ve been using Flash for about 2 years now, and HTML/JavaScript for about 4. I work in London as what they call a “Senior Multimedia Developer”, which is basically a good excuse for playing around with Flash and the Internet in general. Er. Other than that, I know a bit of C, C++, Pascal, COBOL, Visual Basic and Java, and if anyone dares to call me a geek…\r\rHomelife: I live in the garden of Kent, in an area called Medway, with my partner James. He works in IT as well, so we communicate mainly in a bizarre combination of technobabble and binary. \r\rWe have a varied and exciting social life and are invariably the life and soul of any party. \r\rWe are also compulsive liars.\r\rAlthough the bit about where we live was true.

geek…\r\r\r<~~running for cover.\r\r\r(did I mention that I’m an insatiable flirt?.. Phil has called me on it… but I don’t think I’ve admited it yet. Just ignore me, I’m just pulling pigtails. I go away after only a short time… kind of like a bad flu.)

Pulls large, comedy mallet from unfeasibly small pocket\r\rDid someone mention the “G” word? :slight_smile:

Pulls out a can of paint thinner…\r\rnow now little lady… if we’re going to start fighting with weapons of this caliber, I’d suggest we take it to another thread. :wink:

Spoilsport. :slight_smile:

I suppose I’ll answer whatever questions I feel relevant. I like to keep my real life and my online life seperate (potentially subconciously because back in the BBS days when the internet was only something that Orson Scott Card figured some kid named Peter Wiggin could use to take over the world about a hundred years down the line I was in Elementary school and everyone else at the very least pretended to be in College, but whatever).\r\r** Skills (with an “s”. Always with an “s”. No matter what Uppy says.):** \rTechnically I’ve been using Flash for, what, 6 - maybe 9 months now? But I still couldn’t Flash my way out of a carboard box. That’s partly because programming and graphics design aren’t very effective tools when trying to escape the infernal trap that is a carboard box, but also because I did ever tutorial on Kirupa during the first week and then just said, “Alright, whatever. That’s enough.”. Since that day I’ve only ever learnt something new when it was completely imparitive. It doesn’t matter, though. Everything practical is really easy. The complex stuff is only really usable in Open Source crap that people use to show off. Well, that’s what I tell myself, anyway.\r\r** Homelife:**\rWhen I’m not on my computer I’m coming up with big, complex stories - sometimes for movies, sometimes for books, sometimes for something else - with deep, moving moments, think about how brilliant I am for having come up with such a great story, write the first paragraph and then give up and do something else.

geeks are cool!

Name: Adam\rAge: 24\rGender: Male\r\rSkillz (Muhahaha yes with a “z”)\rI work more on the hardware side of networking. CCNE (Cisco Certified Networking Engineer) CNA, CNS, MCP, A+, Network+, blah, blah, blah… =) I have been toying with Flash, and trying to learn and advance for about a year now. I am an avid photographer, I use a 35mm Canon SLR Camera (Sorry have yet to get film quality from a digital camera.)\r\rHomelife: Hmmmm… I live in Chicago, with ummm me myself and I. =) I was thinking of getting a Dog, but would feel bad leaving it home all day while at work. I am a huge fan of Japanese Anime, and usually have one playing on the other PC while I work on this one. =) Todays title of choice, * Ah! My Goddess* Suppose other than that I am pretty boring. =)\r\rCheers!\r-Niann

Just a quickie:\r\rName: Donna\rAge: 22\r\rSkills (ditto Live): contrary to a lot of you, I’m design inclined and programming deficient. Languages: HTML, CSS/DHTML, PHP, Actionscript. That’s it yo!\r\rHomelife: I’m from Southern California. I live in an apt with my sister and her boyfriend. And I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years. I just got my BA in Social Science/Multicultural studies at UCI. However, I’m a graphic artist, which has nothing to do with my degree of choice. In my spare time, you’ll find me drawing/painting, reading, sleeping, watching movies, checking out performances, and paintballing occasionally.

a quicky? Sweet… we all just got a quicky from Rena… (you slut :wink: )\r\rPainball huh? That’s one of my favorite passtimes. Nothing better than coming home with some giant welts and the satisfaction that you got to shoot some poor slob in the forhead ruining the vision through his goggles for the remainder of the day. :slight_smile:

It’s a little early to be making your holiday wishlist isn’t it upu? :stuck_out_tongue:

never to early for a wishlist or a white russian. Words to live by. :slight_smile:

name: Stephen\rage: ancient, but symmetrical\rheight: 5’10"\rweight: 150 lbs.\rhair: dark blonde\reyes: olive\rfeet: 11.5, matched set (both left)\rhands: roving\rgigs: self-deployed artist, illustrator, web designer, photographer, **** star, linguist, and roving critic at large\r’puters: Pegasus (DTK 166/96), Antares (Dell 866/384), Orion (Compaq 766/192), all running Windows (95&ME)\rcameras: Sony DSC-S50 w/64MB MemStick, Sony Hi-8, Intel Webcam, and a pair of Pentax P3’s and numerous lenses 19-500mm.\r\rI’m a PC artist, use a Wacom Graphire (want an Intuos) and also an ancient Kurta 12x17" - (big mutha with corded stylus). I know HTML, a little JS, BASIC, some assembler, POVRay, and other assorted miscellany. I NEVER load anything Beta on my machines. I favor Corel products over their Adobe counterparts. CorelDraw blows Illustrator away. Photoshop is better than PhotoPaint, but not by much. At any rate, I have 'em all along with 3D Studio Max, ULead’s GIF Animator, Acid Music, Sound Forge, and Word Pad, where I compose my HTML. I’ve been using Flash since January 2002.\r\rI live on the beautiful central coast of California. I usually manage to leave my Civic parked and ride my bike instead. I don’t skateboard anymore.\r\rI uninstalled my last girlfriend for unrelenting fibbery, and now in the market for new, improved model - but where oh where are the svelte types these days? Too much ice cream and Twinkies, methinks.\r\rI broke my self-imposed abstention from posting only long enough to do a little bragging, with embellishments, and I now return to my studies.\r\rThat churning sound you hear is my mind on ActionScript.\r\rWatch this space.\r\rsp \r\r