How can you get this effect?

does n e one know how to do this effect with text… If you see my example picture, you can see kinda like fading texts… how do you do that on photoshop?

What picture?

oopss forgot to put it hehe
here it is

Which effect on the text?

The blur behind it or the white splotches on the blue part?

howdy lostinbeta!! i was talking about blur behind it… but now i look at it i wanna know how to do the white spots on blue too :smiley:

I will see if I can get a working example/tutorial here, but for now…

Filter/Blur/Motion Blur for the blur behind


Filter/Render/Clouds for the spots on the text

Ok, lets see if I can explain this.

Create your text.

Copy the layer (click an drag it to the new layer icon in the layers panel). Now you will have 2 layers with the exact same text.

Rasterize one of the layers. Go to Filter/Blur/Motion blur and do an angle of 90 degrees and a distance of x pixels (I used 75 pixels in my example, but it all depends on the font, size, etc).

That is about all there is to that effect.

Now for the spottiness. You can do that with Filter/Render Clouds, but its not as “customizable” so I worked out this method (which isn’t exactly the easiest, but the most “customizable”)

Create your text. Rasterize the layer with your text in it (right click on the layer and choose Rasterize). Make sure your text is the same color as the main color you want showing (in the example it was BLUE w/ white spots)

Hold CTRL and click on the layer with your text. Now create a new layer. Use the paintbrush tool and choose a small brush around 5 or 9 or so, and add your spots (while the area is still selected)

With the area still selected go to Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur. Depending on the effect you want, the raduis will change. In my example below I used a radius of 3.0.

Now hit CTRL+E to merge this layer with the text layer below it and you have your effect.

NOTE: My example is a total rip off of the image you showed me, but it is just an example, not an official image that I am claiming are my own ideas. I just used it because you wanted to know how they did their effects, so what better way to explain it than to recreate the text :slight_smile:

thanx again lostinbeta I got it working :smiley:

Awesome… no problems at all?

I find that odd because I wrote that quick and didn’t put much thought in it, but that metal bar thread I put a lot of thought into and there so many problems.

Maybe I should stop thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

haha really?.. then stop thinking!! :smiley: oh… another question… i kno this isnt relate to drawing and design but do you know where i can get a nice looking forum like kirupas for free?

If your server is mySQL and PHP compatible… is a good one.

You can set up a free account at (this forum used to be hosted there) if you don’t have a server that supports mySQL and PHP (you will need both of these no matter what board you get…CGI boards crash constantly)

you know the bg of example I posted… is that some kinda effect? or just an image?

More motion blur, but this time the angle was set to 180 degress to go sideways and they just applied it to some kind of object to get the glowing parts and different effects.

Same priniciple though.