These texteffects i really like.. btw, how do u do it? :)

    This kinda blur-light-thingy that goes over the text and then the text changes into something else.

    When the text goes blurry and hops around.

Anybody have ANY idea how this kind of text-effects are made…?

much appreciated

the second effect is created with the ‘blur effect’ …vts has done a tut on it…:…onblur.asp

and starbreeze is far toooooo heavy on the old kb…i am on a 56k land line and i can’t be arsed to wait for it download…soz…


[Edit: Hey, there’s more! Now I see what you’re talking about.]

That little blur is just a bunch of images (each line/circle/whatever would probably be a different image) moving back and forth over top of the words. It’s a complex image and probably took a while to get to look good, but that’s none the less all it is.

Are needed. It took for frellin ever to download. Buzzkill.


Just finished his tute in photoshop. Bluur effect is pretty neat stuff. But just what I did, following his instructions, cost 2K. Its a lot of space for a split second animation.