How do add loading sign?

Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows how to add a loading sign before my flash starts up.
For example: If I had a big animation I want the viewer of the animation to know how long they would need to wait for it to load up, I’ll need the loading signal - How do I make/add that, using Flash MX?

I am guessing from your question "how to add a loading sign before my flash starts up? that you are unfamiliar with preloaders. Unfortunately this site does not have a tuturial for this yet. However go to

and check out the intermediate tutorials. There is a very good tutorial on percentage preloaders that will instruct you on how to get that loading sign that you are requesting.


this site does have a tutorial for that, actually there are two. one in the tutorial section and one in the “Best of Kirupa” forum titled “Preloaders re-re-revisted”

as well as a free download of a preloader with both a rotating dial, and a growing bar, both showing percentages. Text boxes also display various infomation about the timeline that the movie clip is placed in.

I really should rewrite that note in there for a tutorial. I’ll do that and then pass it on to Kirupa. It’s pretty much the next step in my own tutorials anyway.

there is also a new component (three, actually) that handles preloaders. Of course, you can adjust skins, etc…

There are preloader componants in MX? Ive got checkboxes and the like but no preloaders.

Do they need to be downloaded from Macromedia?

Do any of them handle multiple levels? Like loading a navbar on level0 and content on levels 1-10?

yeah if u go to and download the components ui set 2 it has a preloader there is also one on if u get em to work tell me coz its pissin me off because i want 1 but mine wont work coz im @#%$ on flash

How do you get a preloader to work with a dynamically loaded .jpg?

We’re working on that now. Hoping for a solution by monday.

Thanks a lot. It seems there is no documentation that I can find on that subject.