How do I create morphing text in Flash MX?

Hi,\r\rI am a complete newbie to flash, so please forgive me if this is really simple.\r\rI would like to create text that morphs from one statement into another. I have tried using various tutorials, but I still cannot achieve the morphing effect.\r\rI would like to Morph between: \r\rStart Text:Welcome to\rEnd Text: Chris’ Web Site\r\rAny help would be much appreciated! \r\rThanks :slight_smile: \r\rChris

Enter the text in a frame and break it apart (Modify > Break Apart). Enter another keyframes about 5-10 frames down (depending on how long you want the tween to be) and enter the new text and, again, break it apart. Enter a shape tween in the frames between.

Hi,\r\rThanks for the reply. However, when I did that I got a broken green line and the text doesn’t morph.\r\rAny ideas?\r\rThanks!

Hey RG,\r\rMy fault…problem solved! I only clicked on the ‘Break Apart’ once. \r\rThanks again!