How Do I Make My Text Fade?

I need to have my text fade until they are blank. I have seen it done a bunch, and I would also like to know if it is the same with Pictures and stuff… Thanks

Hello Jubbas Dad…, fading text and any other element in Flash it quite simple.

The first thing you need to do is create a text field. Once you have one made, select it and convert it into a movie clip (F8 keyboard shortcut). Now you can use a motion tween to animate the alpha value of the movie clip with the text inside.



Jubbas Dad, hue ?? Nice. There’s a tutorial about that on this site. Just research “motion tween” or “alpha fade” and they should come up.

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heres how to do it jubbas dad make your text click it so it gets a blue boxround it make sure its on the arrow tool though right click and go to convert to symbol convert it to a movie clip then right click on it and go to properties click the drop down colour menu to alpha and drag it down to 0% tht will fade it then if your fading it create a keyframe at about 30 and go to properties and drag the alpha to 100% then tween the whole movie


ive just finished writing kirupa a tutorial on ho to fade text jut a simple flash tutorial so that will help as well

I’ve tried all the clue…, but still had the same problem with jubbas… why?? :slight_smile:

Sometimes, when you’re doing everything correctly, and the text still will not fade, it’s because the text is not embedded. Select Character in the properties box, select Embed Font Outlines for All Characters. You may have to convert the static text to dynamic to see this option.

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