How do you make a text fade in?

here’s an example of what i mean

focus on how the text enters:

Well, I can’t really explain how to do what they did, not because it’s complicated necessarily, just that it happens too fast to… tell what’s happening.

Anyways, making text fade in. I assume you already know how to put a line of text on the stage. You can’t do anything with it because it’s not a symbol. Use the black arrow tool to drag a box around it. go up to Insert at the top, and click “convert to symbol.” Name it whatever you want. Now in your timeline, on the layer your text is on, select a frame later on, like 20, and insert a keyframe (F6) Now go back to frame 1 and pull up your effect panel. Select alpha from the drop down list and set it to 0%. Now right click on frame 1 and select “create motion tween.”

happy text fading!

Now that isn’t what I mean. If u look good you can see that the letters falling apart and creating words.