How much should a sales person charge?

What would be a reasonable commission for a person selling websites and other computer generated stuff?


Thats a pretty broad question and there are many factors to consider in your pricing, but here are some guidelines that I use:

  1. **Never charge by the hour. **Some web design companies do. I think thats ludicrous. How do you know they’re not eating pizza, watching a DVD in a seperate window, listening to music, playing Yahoo! Chess, and chatting on AIM, and posting on Kirupa forums (not that theres anything wrong with that!), all while working on your site?

  2. How complex is the job? The difficulty of the task usually has a direct effect on how long it is going to take you. In QuickBooks I have set up 3 difficulty levels for every type of job.

  3. How many pages is the site? This only applies to websites. Obviously its going to take you longer to make 10 pages than it will to make 5 pages.

  4. Other Add-Ins: Do they want Flash? E-Commerce? Special graphics made? There are many many possible add-ins to consider.

  5. How skilled are you? The more experienced you become, the more demand you get, and the more valueable your time becomes. Your time is always money, but how many jobs do you have to turn down or put off because you’re busy with other jobs? Simply put, by raising your prices gradually, you’re making your clients pay for your lost business.

  6. Why do you need this income? Do you need this to eat and pay loans? Do you need this to buy that snazzy new plasma T.V.? Or, like me, are you just a 17 year old kid trying to make a buck, learn about the real world of business, and get some design experience…

Example Situation: I’ve been making websites, graphics, and videos for 5 years, the client wants a basic 5 page site with one totally original but simple graphic, a simple 15 second downloadable video, a simple Flash intro, and a PayPal account. They also need a domain to be registered and hosted and its just too technical for them (They still pay for the domain and hosting, but its an extra service charge)

Basic site: $150
Simple graphic: $15
Simple 15 second video: $30
Simple Flash intro: $25
PayPal account: $20
Domain + Hosting service chage: $15
TOTAL: $255

Remember, always consider the factors. Be honest. Be fair. If you do quality work, you won’t need to advertise, your clients will do it for you.

nice advice red/nick and nice site btw !
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