How much $ should i charge for a site?

Hi, i was hoping if you guys can tell me how much money should i charge for a site that i made for a movie theatre? Whats the normal price for a site with flash? Please help ASAP…

50p…or $1…j/k this was discussed a while back…

search Flash5 forum or this one…using ‘how much’ as key words…


you know ben… I don’t know if that search works right. I haven’t seemed to get good replies to my search strings for a while.

Eh… try it out sir/andormadam, It really depends upon the site though.

Can you discribe what you created, front end and back end, it might help a little. A url wouldn’t hurt either. :slight_smile: , but definitely do a search for that thread… we had a number of very reasonable seeming opinions on the subject.

I hate the ezboard search feature; it is impossible to find anything in it.

well, im not gonna make soething too flashy, cuz my ‘client’ is a movie, i did a rouph draft kinda thing… , its gonna be better than that ofcouyrse. plus im gonna update it everyweek, so how much $ should i ask monthy"? tnx

That link doesn’t work for me.
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basically as much as someone is willing to pay.

Previous thread :…2215.topic
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I also think it depends on how good your portfolio is… I mean if you are awesome at action scripting but have done only one web site then it is hard to justify the cost of paying you the big bucks. So if you are starting out maybe you could do more and get paid less while beefing up your portfolio so then you can back up you rates later.

I guess it takes some time sometimes to break into this web page stuff.