How much should I charge for a Flash site?

My client wants a basic Flash website. All the interactive/animation/sound effects and background music. I don’t think he wants any kind of advanced Action Scripting. Just as long as it looks slick you know.

He’s looking at probably 5 or 6 main buttons.

The thing is: He doesn’t want to pay me monthly. Just one whole big lump sum in cash.

Now I’m estimating that this web site will probably be finished within 4-6 weeks depending on what he wants.

I’m also going to be using my own equipment (Digital Camera) and taking pictures of his different store locations throughout the city. So that’s taken out of my own personal time right there. And since he’s NOT paying monthly, I’ve decided to give him FREE updates for a year. That includes updating the monthly newsletter and etc.

Now we ARE talking Flash here. Not some measely HTML website. So would you think around $6-8000 is agreeable? My friend suggested only $1000, but with this kind of multimedia work he’s got to be kidding me!

Any feedback would be appreciated. I gotta call him later today with my price quote.

$5000 would be enough,but if it is something like this hten that is 10,000 easily :slight_smile:

I would charge as much as you can get. If he isn’t going to pay you later on for updates I would take him to the bank now. If he has the money for $8000 site I would charge him that or more if you can. Mabye ask him what his budget is and then build the kind of site he can afford. Also explain to him that after a year he would have to pay you for any changes you preform (mabye get that it writing or it can cause problems). I don’t know why he wouldn’t want to pay you after. It would probably be cheaper for him to pay for updates later than all up front.

what i’d do is charge an Hourly rate, then estimate roughly how long it’ll take you (in hours) to get the project completed. Then request that 1/3 of it be paid up front, 1/3 paid when half done and 1/3 when completed. I’d advise this because if he screws you then you have at least some money out of it.

I’d charge somewhere between 20 - 30 bucks an hour , but if its really basic, i’d lower it, becuase im a nice guy and believe people should get paid for the quality of their work =)

However, This is just my oppinion =)

it depends on what your interface is like

this is about 5000:

| About Us Products Clients Contact |
| | | we do blahblahblahblahblahchatchatchablatchah |
| |
| |
| | | |

Raydred has a good idea there. That is very common practice to take 1/3 or 1/2 before you evern start to work.