How much would

How much is appropiate to charge for a website similar to this
or any other flash based website

I am using photoshop/flash and frontpage - not to mention researching web hosting companies and pretty much doing everything for this client. She knows nothing about computers whatsoever -

Anyone out there that has completed a website for a client please respond - any response will give me a general idea - no hourly rates in this case, just a flat rate - thanks in advance all

P.S. If I charged her hourly she would have to pay in the thousands big time :slight_smile:

No less than $500…it deserves a good amount of money!

I agree… of course it depends on total pages involved.

I’d say closer to $800+

it would also depend upon who I was working for. A corp will pay more for services than a mom and pop… and I’d charge em more even if they didn’t.

For the record, my girl has 4 years education, and 6 years in the field. She would charge 40-50 dollars an hour for this kind of work.

anyone else with clients out there? I’m just trying to come to a conclusion on price

Thanks Flashers

okay while on the subject… how much would you expect sum1 to pay for this…

you gotta imagine that it was complete (all the links work) and all the pages are too a similar quality… how much would ya say?

hhmm :slight_smile:

Again, depends upon the number of pages.

Everything has to do with how much trouble it is to set up/how hard it is to find someone with the skillz.

A) are there e-commerce capabilities? Add at least $500

B) are there other back end Perl, PHP, XML, scripts, and or CGI interfaces? Add at least $500

C) How many pages are there? How different are they from each other. i.e. is it just a template used over and over, or does each page have to be produced from scratch? I don’t even know how much to add for that. That’s why you should be working for an hourly rate and not on a completed project basis. You’ll end up screwing yourself out of money if you run into any problems at all… and you will.

I am just taking an educated guess here mind you. I’ve never actually charged for my work, except in a few cases where my girl took care of the contract part of it.

ok, how long will it take you? a week? let’s say a week, which ihmo is extremely unlikely. lets say you get a project every week. that’s 26k a year. is that the salary you want?

say you run into a few hitches and the site takes you closer to a month. now your annual salary is $6000, below the poverty line.

now imagine you’re a web company, you have office rent, phone, internet, hydro, maybe even a few employees… now you’re in massive debt.

$500 may seem like a lot but it’s not. a web shop could charge 20k for a site like that (could is an important word in that sentence). you’re not a web shop (i assume since you’re asking about $ ; ), so you can’t charge that, but do you want to live on $6000 a year?

Thanks supra… I knew I was low balling those figures. Now that you break it down that way, it’s easy to see why $500 is far too low to get.

i know ya want talkin bout Starpromo* site when ya were talkin about tha 20k but if someone payed 6k for one of my sites id be over the moon… but then again im only 16…

i got another question. you read about all these people who are like 12 and stuff makeing a web site and becomeing a multi-million dollar biusness… who in the holy hell do they do that? how do they get money from there site?

There smart and are extremely lucky bass-turds’ May be you should go and try asking them, they would know better than any one of us in here. Assuming no one is here is a multimillionaire?, because I’m not :frowning:

Ahh well, i still got lost of time for that to happen. Muahahahaha >=)

another you gotta remember is that to this companies $3000 for a site is next to nothing. they are used to spending thousands of dollars just on office supplies every month if you think about it thats actually very cheap considering they are “investing” the money in the site. Homestly, if i had a big client i would charge $4,000 and get a few friends to help me out.

How much would a site like that go for? just throw in a dot com and check it out. Is this, what, a 15-20 thousand dollar site? Anybody gotta clue?


No less than $3000 for that site. If there is a lot of back-end stuff (more than a simple feedback form), then between 3-5k, maybe more it depends on the amout of programming. That is a reasonable price for a site like that and is enough to let you turn a profit. Flash should be charged more than regular html and like someone said, large companies you might charge more than small businesses. I’m charging $30/hour for small, local businesses and $50/hour for large companies here in Seattle, WA.

Thats all? I am a little surprised. How long you reckon it would take you to make such a site?


Are you asking how much to charge for or for the site you linked to in your first post? I’m talking about the site you posted about. The Kenny singer/songwriter one. I think 3k is a good place to start for the pricing. Vary it according to the amount of time and work you actually put into it. I’ve built two sites for clients so I’m not in the 20k range yet. I think it might take around 200 hours to build a site like Kenny’s. Hope this makes sense.

I was talking about I am not sure about the song one, didn’t see it. Also if yo do’t mind letting me browse the sites you have made. That is a great motivator you know, to know I ca make greatmoney doing something I love.