How much

hi kirupa,
My friend recommended me to help a small company to design a homepage. But I donno whether the contract is reasonableness. The contract is about US$35 per page for me. Would you mind to tell me how much do you get when you design about 20 pages of a homepage?

ths for your help !


Hey Toby,
That is not a bad final price for 20 pages @ 35 per page. If the site will have a lot of animations that are unique to each page, 20 pages can seem like a lot of pages for that price. Pricing depends upon a lot on experience and how badly you want to do the site for this company. If this is your first shot at designing for others, I think the price is reasonable!

PS: My last few projects have been for free because I choose not to charge non-profitable organizations working for worthy causes. Design is a hobby for and an outlet of creativity more than anything else for me :slight_smile:

I think 20 pages @ 35 per page is good for a first time designer for other people currently i am creating a design firm if you want to join in and this will be a profit-orginization email me at [email protected] or aim me at Chailik, or Nihuua and back to the topic i basicly say the same thing kirupa did … Good luck on whatever you choose.

thats all u guys get for webpages? ew… sucky… i get like around 500-1000 dollars for my 3d models or animations… ur in teh wrong field =]

and i also got hooked up with a game comapny to create a game… 6 g’s a month =]

Design of origional 3D work is the top pay in this field. That’s pretty reasonable. Flash items are a little cheeper than that, and web pages cheaper still, unless there are some serious skills that go into it. If you’re producing a good secure shoping cart for a company, it can easily run as high as a 3D logo.