How overnight shipping works!


When having a snack or (rarely) eating lunch at my desk alone, I like to pass the time by watching a short video that teaches me something completely unrelated to web development and coding and so on.

Today, I watched the following video that blew my mind:

Figured I would share it with you all in case any of you are into learning random stuff for no reason.



What I’ve been most interested is the impact of Amazon’s impact here (which they just barely glanced over at the very end!). The repercussions there are potentially devastating I would think.


I expect they are very impactful.


Neat video, I too had no idea Amazon was starting to enter this space, wow. They didn’t really get into it, but I’m amazed at automated robotic warehouse pick and pack systems.

I think the next time I fly I will will book with UPS, sounds like more destinations and less layovers.

Internet 101 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here are a couple of interesting ones.

They may make you want another snack though. :wink:


It looks like similar robots will b exiting the warehouse grid (see above)
and migrating down community sidewalks ?

I can imagine Atlas jumping over these Scouts, on their morning jogs
through the neighborhoods.

:flushed: I think I need to find Doc Brown and the DeLorean.


Wow atlas is really starting to resemble real human movement more and more.

I would love to be in a meeting with those packing robots.

“Ok guys, this is a little awkward but someones been stealing organic produce”

Todd from shipping: “honestly, I would not trust the blue robot”

Blue robot: “beep beep boop”