How to deal with cheaters

Have you ever played a game against a cheater, but couldn’t do anything about it. Heres a great way to get even with them

That’ll teach’em… :stuck_out_tongue:

omg! that was so funny! i pisspantsed my self! omg! that was so good.

Just goes to show what happends to cheaters.

Let’s all keep this in mind shall we? :elderly:

Um, what happened to the 2nd page of the thread? Dang admins are always admining the admined and deleting the admineds posts. (Shakes hand).

Posts were deleted to avoid future conflicts. I’ll beat you in a flash battle any day nali, or at least I will try :rambo:

I will lose to a flash battle any day :evil:

Wait… 'DOH!!!

…all is well in the world of flash…for now…<stayin_alive.mp3>

That video was hilarious Nali! We should do that to your comp when you cheat in Unreal Tournament (the face belt??) in class.

Kirupa :evil:

Hmmm, that’s odd, I can’t get it to load… What is it?


It’s weird, I have Cable, oh well I’ll wait more…


It wouldn’t load for me either… and I am on cable as well… hmmmmm.

HAHA, nevermind, I went back and it loaded in a jiffy.

HAHAHAHA, sorry, that was so funny.

That is so funny. How did he think he wouldn’t get caught.

I just watched it again, and I would have probably cried if that happened to my comp :frowning:

Kirupa :bandit:

Me too, but I guess that truely is what a cheater gets. Think of it this way… it is 25 bucks to get in, if you cheat and win, you ripped off all those people of 25 bucks, your computer is worth much less than the money you ripped off.

i enjoyed watching the computer geeks circle around the broken computer case, attempting to salvage parts… It reminds me of vultures circling a carcus, except these vultures rarely get dates, and enjoy star trek movie marathons. funny, nonetheless…

Must be soo humiliating to get thrown out like that though…

lesson learned: Don’t cheat!

I found that funny to “I think the power supply is still good”.HAHAHA just picking the dead com clean.:stuck_out_tongue:

LOL yeah :smirk: I’d do the same thing…

Btw Sintax, I edited yer post :slight_smile: Being the kinda guy I am, I couldn’t sit back and watch the type-o’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Found three :slight_smile:

I’m in my correcting corner tonight :smirk:

Hey we all know sintax is Dyslexic but if you would like to be my personal editor that would be great:P

Never agin would I have to worry about my spelling:P