How to do this

i know im starting to get annoying, but i really need to get my page done :slight_smile:

ok, how would i create an effect so that when a user clicks a button, the page scrolls off the screen while a new one comes in? would i create the page at like its width+the page width? would i have to create a whole different page for difference screen resolutions? (because my page takes up the whole width of the screen using the chromeless window script)


ok, so how would i create the scrolling effect? would i like subtract the screenwidth from the pagewidth and then use that as a gap on both sides? my fla is at:

I want to scroll the content off the screen, and then bring in some other stuff (pretty much the same thing, but a little different content) if you click on some of the buttons, u’ll see it scrolls the red thing. kinda like a filmstrip, scrolling through… I want to have the same effect, except the red thing (selector) is what is behind the mask (content mask)

i just found a pretty kewl tutorial on what i basically want to do:

its just the draggable blue box is selector (the red thing that goes over the text), and the number boxes are the content thingy.


i have seen exactly what i want:

click on the expiremental link or something, and stuff scrolls off and some other stuff scrolls in… what would i use to do this to the entire screen?

There’s a scrolling menu tutorial on this site. THe source is missing and the method sucks but it’s there :slight_smile: I’ll try and update it.

pom :asian:

There is the Kirupa tutorial using the button method instead of the sliding method :slight_smile:

thanx :slight_smile: