How to draw hexagons

another easy drawing question really , whats the best/easiest way of drawing and Accurate hexagon in FlashMX ??

the line tool?


yes, draw one line, duplicate it, rotate it 60 degrees then drag it to the end of the original. select the original again, duplicate it again, rotate that line -60 degrees and drag it on the other end of the original. select all 3 lines, duplicate, rotate 180 degress, drag on to the orignal lines where both endpoints match up. preseto, perfect hex (if not darn well close to it)

ho ho red viper very funny :crazy: as i said is in easy question.
Its just that i wanna make a hex grid thing so i need them to be perfectly accurate.
cheers senocular will do it that way, as ive been trying to import from fireworks but i wanted the hex to be a flash vector.
Mainly i asked to see if there was some neat trick to it , but it seems not !

if you want it a grid, it might be better as a bitmap… depending on the spacing and how its used. Using a bitmap would be better for smaller grids… just make one tile of one hex (within a grid) so it can be repeated as a bitmap texture on a shape. That way you only have one shape for the grid (and a small bitmap) instead of lots and lots of lines in Flash. Depending on your circumstances, its something to consider.