How to make flash .mov small to import to Apple Keynote

Hello all,

I am using two programs on my MAC, Keynote and Flash (both programs are fairly new to me) for a conference presentation that is 1365 x 768. I want to use a 45 second animation that I created in flash and import it into Keynote however, the .mov exported from flash is way too large and I am getting a little stutter. My movie is fairly simple, no action script but does use filters from time to time. When I export the Flash MX files (also have tried with CS3) to a .swf it is about 10 mb. When I export the Flash file to a .mov file, it is about 100 mb. I have played with the different settings but if I export using fore example, the H.264 setting, then the type looks pixelated. Can anyone advise on export settings that I could use to maintain the quality of the type while compressing the video so it is not so huge? Or is there a program that can convert .swf to .mov for mac? I have tried a couple like “Flash Video Converter” but it will not convert a .swf as big as the one I created.