Please take some time to see my new site. It´s a photography showcase.
Watch it at

Thank you.

Pretty cool site. But does it do anything? I can only see 2 photos?

After it loads 100%, make it shorter, it’s too long.

it just takes too long to finally show the image. way too long.

yeah I agree, have the images come in quicker. good idea, just takes too long

I’m with everybody, it takes a little too long to show each picture. Perhaps half the amount of passes each photo has? The music on/off button is a little confusing, I didn’t know what it was till I pressed it. Maybe the use of a different graphic would help.
The concept is awesome though and I like the way you did the menu. The photos are gorgeous too. Also, it’s so wonderfully smooth! Very to my liking!

good site, i enjoyed it, just a small detail: preloader shows NaN (not a nulber), try adding something to your script so it shows 0% instead of NaN%

Holy shizin snof! You have to wait waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long for the images to come up. Try speeding that animation up. Way up.

Cool stylish site. I like the preloader effect. Also you have gmail - well I mean, hey…As for some of the comments above - not enough people on Broadband here. Whats up folks ? Get Broadband.