I banned cheesy_x for a day!


I wish that MG~90 would go away too :sure:

I was going to ban him too. Go for it if you want to dude!

nah, I moved his “fotter” thread to showcase, I’m waiting to see if he freaks :stuck_out_tongue:

THEN I’m gonna ram a world of hurt up his backside :love:

*Lol, too late :stuck_out_tongue:
They’re quite annoying indeed. I mean, what’s that they’re arguing about ? Filesize of an upload ? Puh-leeze.



lol, I just found out MG is wipe-out, has he always been acting like an arse?

Indeed, that’s why I wanted to ban him too… but I didn’t… lol

You didn’t know ? Yeah, he’s pretty much always been like that.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

well, he didn’t freak… :frowning:

Yeah i changed his name a while back when he asked me to. I always thought he was a bit imature.