I Banned Rhyle 1 & 2 -

By Rhyle you mean <name removed>, a little 16 year old bastard with the I.P.:

do you know where he lives? We could throw a blanket party…

Sounds like a good idea, but I’m gonna need to get my sleep on in my tight crib foe sho and get ready for a day of ownage on some hizzoes flipped un-dope rides name justen. lol well g’night everyone!

I banned him…hopefully for good :slight_smile:


i know im being a nosey new guy but who u hell is he and wot did he do to get baned?

Hey Dna,
He flamed a moderator by creating a footer that poked fun at him, and is pretty much detested by most people who remembered him from the old forums for his hateful remarks and, now, the new forums as well.

Kirupa :asian:

Well said everyone! Was I was blind to it previously or has there been an increase in immature visitors around here? I thought there would be less since the deviation from Ezboard.

In any case - I noticed some kinder newbies coming as well, so I guess it balances out.

Well Done! I saw the posts and if I’d had the rights, I would have banned him myself.

Great job. Diligence in maintaining relevant content on this site will help in keeping it successful!

Thanks Iammontoya. There should be a TV show similar to ‘Cops’ except it all happens online on forums and such. They could have cheesy shots of the mods talking in front of their comp and then out of nowhere…WHAM!!!..someone like Ryle comes and then all of us don our moderator suits and co-ordinate to get him out. Ok, the show would be lame, but who cares :)?

Ren, an increase in immature people? Nah, yeah it seems like it, but there is also, as you pointed out, a great number of new people who help out and are polite. I bet you are referring to wally right? :slight_smile:

Kirupa :rambo:

Yeah I banned his IP Phil :slight_smile: He simply added an extra table tag to his footer. That made the forums’ layout look all funky.

Kirupa :rambo:


Yes, I had wally in mind. That guy even emailed me and reprimanded ME for getting him kicked out - telling me that I had no right kicking people off a forum that’s not even mine and that I just ruined his chance at SOTW! WTF?

But two trouble makers in a couple weeks? I don’t remember there being very much before… except maybe that one guy who demanded that Pom make his site for him.

It was kinda funny though. Kirupa, you’re married?!

Are we gonna have a Kirupa Jr. around here anytime soon…do you want us to throw Mrs.Kirupa a baby shower? Everybody get your baby shower on, cause thats foe sho :P!

Why did Wally get banned? I had emailed him asking a question and got a pretty rude reply, but I hadn’t seen anything on the boards…


Haha, Phil e-mailed me stating that I am married (in Rhyle’s beady little eyez). I am not sure if am married…let me run around the house and check. Nope, guess I am not married…unless…no, that screaming is from O’Reilly and not from anyone in the house. Living the bachelor life rules, and besides, I’m just a tad tad tad bit too young to get married now haha.

Kirupa :bandit:

Yeah Ren, wally e-mailed me and was really quite ticked off at me. I - in my James Bond calm - replied that if he apologized to YOU and YOU e-mailed me asking me to reinstate him, I will unban him. He was quite happy at that idea, but had a change of thought and lambasted me in quite a long e-mail the following morning lol.

Kirupa :rambo:

/me asks why…why?

Why he would get upset at you brad is beyond my reasoning :frowning:

No why was he kicked off the boards in the first place?


BTW: I know what you mean Kirupa, how could anyone get mad at me?:slight_smile: