PLEASE Ban rhyle…or something he IM me and that insesitive bastard cussed me out because i was in a BAD mood. If you’re reading this rhyle u can suck my dick u @#%$ troll. i was in a BAD mood because all my @#%$ was stolen. My sketchbooks, books, ETC. Pieces of @#%$ like you dont deserve help from us so stop waisting our times, there are people that we could be helping. oh yeah…go @#%$ yourself!


you’re stuff was stollen!!! @#%$ is up with that man?

Ohhh vts… I feel for you. If you need anything let me know.

@#%$ @#%$ @#%$ @#%$ @#%$ @#%$ vts @#%$ @#%$ @#%$ @#%$ stole the @#%$ rhyle @#%$ @#%$, you know?

Sh1t… I feel for ya man.

But @#%$… you are funny as hell when you are pissed. ROFL.

Sorry =[

I can’t stop laughing though. I’m evil what can I say. Love ya man. =]

If ya need anything lemme know. Where was it all at?

Hi edwin,
Rhyle and his numerous IPs have been banned from the site a good while ago (about a week and half ago). That’s why you don’t see him posting…hopefully, never! How did he get all your files? Did he get access to your server or something?

I feel for ya dude.

No he meant his stuff was stolen then ryhle im’d him and rubbed it in basically I think… Just being a dick like usual.

yeah… but he did post here last night. I’ll just delete anything I see by him. Obviously he went to a friends house or sumptn and feels all smug.

Hey upuaut,
That’s a good idea. btw, do you get the see the IP address of the poster? It might be a good thing to note so I can ban that as well :slight_smile:


It’s some setting in the admin section, but I can’t remember where. I’ll try to take a look for it on my control center.

Sorry to hear about that. What is with Rhyle anyways. I have never seen or heard from him, a good thing I see. What are his aliases, I will keep my eyze peeled for him. No room for dickboys on this board. BTW, thaks so much for your tutorial. It was a great help and it worked very well. Step by step leaving nothing out. just the way I like them. Good work and sorry to hear about the stuff being stolen.


He’s only posted in here a couple times. His first post was a threat to ICUmeWho, and I warned him then, since then we’ve been deleting posts and such… so you probebly won’t find all that much of a trace of him again.

iCu* <---- clan
Me <---- just me
Hoo <---- not anything special

Not MeWho. I know who I am. =]

I get this alot so it gets annoying. MeHoo. Just call me that. =]