I bet

over 50% of the posters got flash from a warez site.

Sad but true DanQ :frowning:

Heheh thats what happens when u get a nice program and 8 out of every 10 Comp user is to lazy to order it so they pyro like the cheap bastards they are lol!!!

a means to an end…

get over yourself DanQ

lol, and they know it’s wrong. macromedia loses money each time someone d/ls a pirate version. after all their hard work creating this program, it all goes to waste when people get it for free. now, i find it hard to believe that some of you guys have director 8. now that stuff is EXPENSIVE. it’s bout $1000. now unless your company or something paid for it or you really REALLY have the money to pay for it, i don’t think you have it legally.

Sounds like DanQ is looking for an intelligent discussion on the merits of purchasing software versus stealing it - not looking for a cheap flame war or to pass judgement on anyone. Is there a general forum area that might be better suited for this?

Actually Macromedia knows all about this, they know they can’t do anything but they make their real money from businesses that have to have every product used has to be licenced which many of their products are including mine! So they don’t have much of a loss considering how much it costs for them to produce a CD with the program and the packaging (even though they have to pay the programmers a lot)!

Well just felt like talking peace out!