Running out of Time!

I have downloaded the trial version of Flash MX and I have 4 days left to use it. I want to upgrade but I don’t have upgrade money. ($200) does anyone know a friend of a friend who’s selling Flash MX :bandit:


Please don’t post things like that dudeman. Trying to cleverly disguise it. The moderators here at kirupaforum do not endorse or condone the use of “warez”.

::I deleted the post::

what did that mean???

It was a “cleverly” hidden diguise trying to tell you to get the program illegally. I will say it again, us mods here at kirupaforum do not support, endorse, or condone the use of illegal software.

I sound so professional:)

yes… you did :slight_smile:

lostinbeta… takin’ the chance to ask… which one was the holy font used at “I don’t remember the site”??

Well it was a little too complicated for me to crack

airwave: They guy at strange de spin never replied to me about that font…grrrrrrrr.

amiridon: good:)

thats not good I need Flash MX

Well I am not going to help you go about getting it illegally.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

seeing that we will never know about that… I win!!

Not true, my font was the closest!:stuck_out_tongue:

ok ok… I’ll let you believe that you’ve won… =)

Thank You…haha

I never read post with titles like this one, some others do, some don’t, it’s just too long to look through all those “i need help”, “urgent help”, “i give up”, “newbie needs actionscript hero” , or whatever else is meant to grab attention, it just doesn’t, state what you want/ what the problem is in the title, so everybody knows if it’s interesting, if they might know the answer, if they’d like the answer too etc…

And now I’m going to post that in all the other one’s with similar titles…beerdrinkers and hellraisers…(ZZ Top)…

Actually eyezburg, if you think about it, the title actually has something to do with the subject. The subject is that Amiridon is running out of time on his trial version of MX and the title is “Running out of time!!!”.

But I see your point.