I got screwed!

Let this be a warning for all the fools like me who do work without contacts.

I got this site to build, everything worked fine, but we didn’t negotiate a contract before hand, 99% done things quited down, and I havent heard any news from her. And for a while I forgot about the site. Suddenly she emails me and says shes moving on with the site (fine with me) but she would like to pay me, a price that is WAY too low, basicaly, I get more money working 2 weeks at McDonalds.

Before I can get my site back, she changes the password and now negotiations are shot. I can only hope she dosent cancel the check and I end up with nothing…

This sucks… :a:

totly sux

Yeah thats happened to me before but usually I negotiate prices and save the negotiation not an actual contract but shows the price agreed upon sorry to hear you got ripped.

weak dude, got a link to the site?

That does suck!

This has never happened to me (new), but I’ll let your bad experience be a lesson to me. :thumb:

it is unfortunate, more unfortunate is the fact that people (clients) act in this way.

**I got screwed! **

Well I came here thinking you got lucky… :smiley:

Only joking… it’s a bumber, although I would have expected more from you.

sorry to hear it man, at least it wasn’t a really big project you’d been working on for months

Sorry to hear that RB. What goes around comes around, and I’m sure she will end up paying for her wrong action in some other way :frowning:

It sucks because sometimes your really think you can trust some people. One thing that I have noticed is that it is much more difficult to deal with people who operate small one person businesses. They have no accountability and often don’t have the money to really afford good design and development. I don’t know if that’s what happened here or not. Just saying that my 'lil company always get contracts signed by our clients before we do anything. Most clients actually feel more confident in your abilities when you make them sign a contract. Where the heck was I going with this… sheesh I’m long winded.

Put a hit out for her… That’s what Big Fat Pauly would do.


Yea that really sucks. I’m sorry to hear that. Also, regardless if you had a contract or not you can still take her to court.

RB what exactly happened anyway. You made the site, published it and then she took a bunch of pages down because she’s not going to use it and only wants to pay for some of it? radio static

Thanks for the simpathy ! :smiley:

well, fellow canadian, I set up a server for her on www.name2host.com, and created her site there, she changed the password and told me, via email, she dosent need my services anymore and she sending me a check, but since she now changed the password, and holds the site, I cannot negotiate for a larger price (for what its worth).

well said

Ouch RB! that’s exactly why I never, ever give them anything until I get paid.

Same here. MaxDef gave me the great advice to keep the files on your server until payment has been completed. That way you can control it (read: shut it down) in case something like this happens.

where can I find this article?

I always make sure I build in back doors. Then they can change the passwords all they want. :smiley: (to be removed once payment has been received of course ;))

That blows man…

I’d like to give you some Yodadvice but I’m not qualified to, so I’ll stick to displaying my sympathy :beam: