I need help

when an image is big you get the sliding bars to scroll up and down left and right. ok. ok. so…how can i change the colors of the sliders.

Style tags are not allowed

umm…what??? im sorry but that didnt explain anything.
“style tags are not allowed” this info would compliment my site a thousand fold. www.dreamersvision.com thanks for the response and id appreciate any other help. thanks

Check out the following URL: www.kirupa.com/temp/scrollbarcolor.txt Copy and paste the code in between the <head> tags.

hey, thanks for the help before but i need it again. i have the program dreamweaver and when i put the code you gave me in the html editor, it gives me yellow lines meaning that there is something wrong, i mean it comes out and all but i dont want things to go wrong when i publish the pg online.

Often those color highlights mean that the tags wont work in one browser or another. I’d guess in this case that Netscape navigator is the one that will have the problem. Check out the code using both ie and netscape. Probebly you’ll see in Netscape, that the scroll bars are still grey.

i appreciate the help. if i find a link to this place ill make sure people find their way here. thanks.