Mr. Bob's Colored Scrollbar Generator

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Quickly generate the code for colored scrollbars using this program. Premade templates are included.

Program features include:

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Preview without opening a new window
  • Save/Load a previously made color scheme
  • Copy Code to clipboard
  • Manually configure colors using the standard HTML color format
  • Pick colors using a built in color palate
  • Define a base color- sets a basic color and I.E. does the rest
  • Or define each variable color.
  • Automatic install feature!
  • Most of all, it is bug free!

What are you kidding?

Kidding? No, why? If I was joking I wouldn’t post about it.

bobby did you create that? that’s pretty bad***, good job!

yeah, I’ll have to admit the program is pretty cool. You might get a better response if you posted this in a remedial HTML forum. Most of the people here are serious web developers that don’t really have a need for your program.

But it is definately an awesome prog. :thumb:

Yeah… me and a friend made it. We are currently working on one for the menu. Prolly the best menu there is. The flexability is amazing!

Just a suggestion for this program. Tell people that the code needs to go between the head tags. People might not know where to put it.

It is a neet little toy though

You can actually put it anywhere u want…

The standard is just to put it in the HEAD tags.

Hey DigitalPimp,

did u finish that css tutorial to make the onmouseover effect allow u to set the target frame for a link?

What? I do not remember this… You sent me a PM asking about a tutorial (I’m guessing this is it) but you never responded.

PS You can’t set a target frame for a link using CSS.

It was the last post in this thread:

I was having problems using the onmouseover effect in css for the background on my table, but wanted it to display in the iframe named mid.

You replied saying you would post a tutorial for it. :-\