I need to know

im NOT a swift 3D user, though i wish i was ^^. i have flash and everything and im very skilled with it, even tho im only 12 :slight_smile: . So anyway, seeing how this thing costs $160, i was wondering if theres any trial versions i could use anywhere. I know ill never own it, but its good to have for a while :slight_smile:

you can get the full version of swift 3d v2 at\r****************************\ri hope you enjoy it as much as i do\r~flash weasel\r\r\r(You are warned. Do not post links to software on this site unless it is an authorized dealer of that software. You will not be warned again, you’re account will be submitted to ezboard for cancelation if I see you doing this again.)

well… I look like a fool… he’s not even a registered ezboard user…\r\rWell… don’t think that ezboard does not keep your ip on record. They are very very serious about this subject.\r\rJust don’t do that here.\r\rAs far as trials are concerned… if it’s not offered by the company that makes it, it’s not legal to own, and this guys is not allowed to post that information here at Kirupa. You’ll have to find it elsewhere.