I pray for the murdered US Citizens!

This message is dedicated to the murdered Citizens of the United States of America! I give my Condulances to the families of the victims of this terrorism event! I hope all of you feel the same about his subject!

Now for the DAN4885 Revenge Statement:

i pray and prey wit you man.

HELL to those Palestinians, they’re all sick *****.
…Dios guarde en su regazo a las victimas de la masacre.

DAN4885:Sorry bro I had to put that little stars but to make you feel better I read it outload to myself without the stars!

Osama bin Laden is a weapon of hell and will feel the vengance of this powerful nation so help him GOD!!! I only have one statement to represent my hate for him! “BOOM!!!”

i hear ya, this @#%$ sucks and definitly hits way too close to home. reaction does need to come swift and without sympathy, i must add however that i hope those in charge of making these decisions put more thought and investigation into the matter to make sure we do respond with force to the “guilty” group or country and not jump at the first person they think may be responsible as the american news has done. making a mistake of that nature would most definitly bring on a level of danger to all our lives that will make this attack dwindle in comparison im sure. hopefully it can be done without having go to “extreme” lengths aka BOOM!!
im diggin a hole regardless, this doesnt feel good at all…(when i get this scripting figured out that is)

Hello from New York State… I only have a couple of things to say. First… thanks for posting this… we appreciate it. Though I was not personaly hit, nor my family, I can tell you that all of us Ny’ers feel this on a very personal level. We all lost something we love… peace and security for those we love, in a City which is only now coming into it’s own. My condolences also to all those who gave their lives to open the eye’s of the world. May your deaths never be forgotten, or made meaningless.

(We’ll move this thread to general… once people have had some time to post their feelings… I think it’s important we all air them… ;(

For the record: A lot of us dont’ really know each other. We know the work we do… but besides the joking around, we really don’t do too much general discussing of issues. I’m sure we all have other forums where we do this… here’s something to think about… and perhaps take back with you to what ever forums you frequent.
“Revenge is a dish best served cold”…(if you can name the quote, you’re a geek… go get a girlfriend.)
We need, in this time of great danger, to understand ourselves and our enemies… so as to exact the most horrifying and cruel of indignaties upon them… our revenge must send a message to ANY terrorist… that we don’t take @#%$.

here are important things to remember as you go about the next few weeks.

  1. Please please please please … and one more please… remember that the terrorists are to blame for this. Not every Palistinian wants the American ‘pigs’ to die. If I hear tomarrow morning that a load of Arab American stores have been destroyed, and people killed… I’m going to be highly disapointed in the American people.

  2. These people gain glory by dying for allah… a nuke is not the answer… sadly, though I think it would make us all feel a lot better, carpet bombing is probebly not the answer either. If we kill ten of them, one hundred now believe in the cause. They die, they go to heaven, in their minds… to kill them without the proper message, is doomed to create more and more of them.

I’m all for revenge… I think though, that a knee jerk reaction is not the answer. We need to do this right…
so A), we are not brought down to their level
, and
B) we never have to do it again.

Peace my friends, and thank you again for your concern.

greetz from DC! yet another target. the roads here were hectic. i got stuck in school for 2 hours! i actually pass the pentagon every morning and afternoon. i could smell the smoke from the building driving home. it’s awful. but it’s no where near what happened to NY. it just kills me everytime i see footage of that plane crashing into the buildings, worse when they come down. my cousin was actually 2 blocks from the buildings when they were crashed into. luckily they got away. hope others were as reluctant.

Hi again,
Reading the latest news, I found a URL where explains all what happened in 10 little Flash movies. It’s in Spanish but it’s well worth having a look at.


To start, press the “Pulse para comenzar” button, and to see the following movies, press “continuar” on top.

Again, my condolences to all American people, specially to the NY’ers.

I agree completely with these last two statements!
I live in France, but I do have an uncle in NY, and 'till now, we haven’t been able to reach him. Even here in Europe, people are starting to get REAL nervous, gas becoming more expensive, food selling out , almost a feeling like before a war -hope not!! Anyway, I believe the whole world is with ya!
A little ActionScript if I may (and this is more like a bitter joke, if it’s a joke at all!):
if(found.guilty){ fscommand exec;}

joe/ eyez

if(found.guilty){ fscommand exec;}

:lol: !!!

Hey eyez… if you still are having trouble…give me an E-mail. I’m here I can call for you and probebly will have an easier time getting through.

lol, that’s a good one eyez

I too am deeply disturbed by the goings on at NY and DC. I’m keeping the victims and their families in my prayes as well…


I think that we all were and are affected by this tragic and undenyable horrible terrorist act and My prayers are for all that are suffering from the loss of their loved ones.

There is NO DOUBT that JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL and the people/s that are responsible for this hanus act will PAY DEARLY and maybe even ERADICATED from the face of this earth!

God bless America and its people!


i hate to be the negative bastard but i dont think theres much chance war will be avoided at this point, i saw that todays polls said 89 to 92% of americans say they support war as a responce to this action, i dont think any president would ignore that, impeachment would be certian most likely

but what about the poll of people willing to die for something/someone we’re not even 100% sure of. for all we know, it could be someone worse than bin laden.

We have to start somewhere…Bin Laden’s been telling the world that he would do something like this to the Americans for years but we ignored it, and now the hatred that he has been preaching to his people/followers is getting worse and more of his followers are becoming more and more aggressive towards DYING for HIS Cause!! This means that these KAMIKAZE’s will grow in their numbers and will no longer care for their own lives as long as it is for the CAUSE…if we rid of the ROOT and all the little branches, then we stand a better chance of NOT seeing this kind of violence against the United States of America.

“In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two
brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress
endures, the great leader will succumb”

“The third big war will begin when the big city is

Nostradamus 1654

Hey Paradox,
I too have heard that repeated numerous times, but he has been inaccurate so many times. Before the NYC attack, it was believed that the phrase was about Israel/Palestine and Jerusalem might be affected. There are numerous ways in which we can find passages to match current history.

From reading any of Nostradamus works, it is safe to conclude that what he says is quite ambiguous. Most of the time, his interpretations have been off, but you could relate something he said to something that currently happened. Fortune cookies are the same way :slight_smile: I usually tend to not pay much heed to his writings…

you know…i thought that prediction already came true when me and my brother fought over this here ownership to this very computer. anywho, as you would guess i won that bargain, but WWIII erupted at my house: bro tells parents, parents tell me to share, i say f*ck off i paid for this, parents say they buy new comp for bro, bro hasn’t gotten it since.


anyway, i think that’s a bunch of bullcrap. someone pulled that outta their hole after the recent events and just told everybody.

Actually that particular Nos prediction is entirely fictional. For one thing it isn’t in any of his works, for another he died in 1533. That quote is from a web page, which is experimenting in proving that people are guilible enough to believe anything strange that’s attributed to Nos.

for the record.