I think this has got to be it


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: I had seen this already but it is really good. Don’t tell me YOU did that?!?!

No I didn’t. But it’s an original idea.

I. LOVE. IT. If this doesn’t get site of the week, I’m going to crash!


LOLOL I was thinkking of doing an riginal site the other day and decided to do a windows browser, with everything full functional. I spent a ton of time taking screenshots of different parts of Windows and had it all compiled in Photoshop. Now I’m not going to do it though cause I saw this site…I thought I was doing something original… Thanks a lot flex…darn you… :slight_smile:


Have you seen this: http://homepage.mac.com/deadtroll2/.Movies/behindms.html


Hehe. Hate it when that happens.

lol brad not bezzer :slight_smile:

It’s 1:06 am here, and I’m having in - law problems, can you blame me?! :slight_smile:

Haha no, I just thought I’d bring it to your attention. :slight_smile:


Oh no - the windows thing is defintely not an original idea. It has been done many times over by many people, and this guy isn’t the first to do it. But the way this site depicts the unpredictable and frustrating nature of Windows - brilliant. I’m pretty sure it has been done before too, but I’m amused by it none the less!

The “quality” isn’t that good either (but I suppose the cartoonyness(?) works in it’s favour) - but as Rena said (hope you don’t mind me calling you Rena - quicker to type!) it captures the unpredictability of windoze.

I prefer this correct guy : Omar Al Zabir


He got many awards sucking the balls :stuck_out_tongue: of Microsoft Windows, so It´s a example for all here…

Just a kidding! :slight_smile: