I want fast a answer!

I made a movie in Flash…and I put in the transparent in the page html…mode=transparent
and I can’t see nothing in NETSCAPE…
What can I use to see also in NETSCAPE?
I want to be the movie in transparent?
How can I do this?


The transparency option doesn’t seem to work in Netscape, only in IE browsers.

I see with Netscape 7.0 I can see the transparent…
but what about netscape 6.2?

no, I think its a new feature in Netscape 7 to support transparency…

I want fast a answer!!!

If you have the newest Flash Plugin version (and I mean THE NEWEST), then the transparency option works on most browsers :slight_smile:

Tell me more about the transparency thing …

diana: Read this…


Voetsjoeba: File/Publish Settings/HTML (tab), theres an option for Transparent Windowless mode which gives your movie a transparent background instead of a solid color.

This uses up extra CPU resources BTW.

Thanks for the info Lost :slight_smile: