Idea for a future swift feature

I had a thought, and I was wondering what you guys thought…

Example Problem: You have a big render that takes a while, and after you have rendered it once, you see that on the very bottom of it, you need to change a material or somthing…

Possible Solution: There Could be somthing built where you select a certain part of the picture, kind of like selecting elements, and then press a button which renders everything inside of the box, right in the main interface of swift, so you can render small portions of it.

It’s kind of like the feature the was put in v4 where you can render the viewpoint right in the main interface.

I’d like a soft shadows feature in Swift.

Soft shadows doesn’t mean it can’t be vector. Soft shadows can be done in Flash MX using the soften fill edges. And it still stays vector…

Gah! Anyways good idea though XLS :P.

Gah! Anyways good idea though XLS