Kirupian Swift 3d v4.0 Improvement List

How about we make a large list on what people think Erain should improve on Swift version 4.0? And then when we get enough, we can send it as an official forum submission. Swift’s forum doesn’t get as much traffic as here.

better modeling. i used the trial and i couldnt figure it out.

they have a gigantic list from the wishlist already I frequent that forum and had a peak at it. But lets do it.

  1. the ability to save a new material from one you have altered.

This is a biggie. When you are tweaking a material you just created you cannot resave it as a new material you have to remember the setting then create a new material then input your settings and save that one. Boy I have many many more


  1. We must have ghosting in the next one. And hiding objects and still have them impact the scene would be nice

so that is #2 and #3

~Export to Temporary Folder~ The ability to choose to automatically save to a temporary file on rendering images. Maybe that will decrease the crash potential, because the program is storing all those files within itself for you to preview. Kind of like you having them all open at the same time.

~Boolean Cyber Modelling (previously 3d cropping-edited-)~ Example: you place a sphere on the side of a cube, and choose to crop the circle from the cube. and then you get an inner sphere inside of the square. =)

yeah that would be cool…that is called boolean modelling cyber…cropping is a lil diff…but yes that would be nice.

we need to have a list made that someone edits and adds to.

You are right, can’t have comments that are not part of the list. Or too much extra type.

better memory handling, easier texture creation and handling. easier selection of objects, more advanced integration and recognition with illustrator files including more advanced eps support, export to a dfx format or some sort of mesh for chance to open in larger 3d app (maya, max ,cinema). More integration with flash MX. Give me a sec, there is more :slight_smile:

hey their flash integration is excelllent in v3…the export to layer thing is awesome…the best by far of any proggy

*Originally posted by 3d-iva *
**hey their flash integration is excelllent in v3…the export to layer thing is awesome…the best by far of any proggy **

Yeah I know its awesome , i said better, I want more! :stuck_out_tongue:

::i was thinking along the lines of interactivity from swift to flash, now that would be something crazy :crazy:

~Set the point of rotation on an object ~ Swift makes everything rotate from the center, there should be an option to choose the Rotation Location

you can change the pivot point - the point of rotation. Theres an option on the left to move the object, the pivot or both. Its both by default

the big one from me (of many) is manual input of rotation values

i think it would be great if they could add a cancel button when rendering. I find it frustrating that once you click render, you hafta wait until the image is fully rendered. (unless there is already a way to do this that i’m not aware of… )

yep! . lol there is one at the bottom of the render window :stuck_out_tongue:

Since it’s a wish list, how about some mesh editing tools that allow you to pull individual vertices. Primitives don’t give you much to work with unless you can modify them.

It sucks that you can import complex models but to edit them you have to go to other apps:+)

~Linking Objects to Skeletons~ So that you can attach objects to skeletons, I wouldn’t of had to animate this one limb by limb, joint by joint.

****, that Cancel button didn’t really stand out down in the corner, but i see it now. Thanks soulty…

we need to format this list…if we really intend to send it…I spoke to someone at erain…and they said they would very much like to see out list and add whatever is not there to it…So who wants to format a list and add to it periodically…I nominate cybergold…he started this post.

well they have a forum for this at erain