If I submit my .fla, can someone help with preload?

I’m having a lot of problems working with preloaders. I am a roleplayer in the World of Darkness books, and this site is a sort of chronicle setting for a ‘game’ we’re running. I’m relatively novice in flash, and the site isn’t fancy or anything like that.

All of the stuff is in one movie, it’s around 250-300k total, and as such, I want a preloader. Just something basic, like the bar/percentage loaders in the Kirupa pages. I tried everything from pasting them in my files, to copying the tutorial word for word, one step at a time,and they still just act weird.

So I am wondering if someone can just stick the ****ed thing in there for me! sighs I hope that is not too much to ask.

Thanks a bunch guys. If you dont want to do that, perhaps I can bug you all for some further help on getting my own to work.


P.S. The file is a meg… so I cannot attatch it. Is there any way to work with this? =(

May i ask whts not working on your preloader?

Compress it into a .zip or .rar file and then upload to web or email it to someone, like me ([email protected])

your actual movie should be in a MC…and you know how the preloader has actions if 100% gotoandplay frome 4 or whatever frame your loading to…have your site be a MC on the end of the preloading timeline!!!

Well, when I put the http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/percentagepreloader.htm preloader on the first 2 frames of my site, with the code pasted in and everything just as it was on the site (I even used the graphics from the comple .fla available on that page), and my main movie frames moved over to the 3rd frame… it would just display the preload bar as 100% done, but with the bar already filled, and the movie wouldnt load.

Frame 3 had the beginning of my movie on it, and I changed the ending code of the preloader to GoToandStop, rather than play (so it would stop on my starting movie frame.)

If you need me to re-explain, just let me know.


PS: Be warned, the .fla is a real mess = )

ok…i downloaded your file…try pputting the preloader on scene 1 on the firt two frames

Yeah. I put the http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/...gepreloader.htm preloader on the first two frames, exactly as the tutorial told me to. I told it to gotoandstop on frame 3, where I had moved all those frames you see over to (the first frame of the ‘background’ layer being on the 3rd frame, and without a stop on it action on it.)

It just sat there fully loaded, not moving on.

hmmm…well…when i tested it the movie…it worked fine without the preloader…so…there must be something wrong with it…would it be all right if i messed around with your site a bit???just to add a preloader see what i can do with it???

Oh sure, I dont mind. You can do anything you want! I just want a basic preloader so that the modem users dont have to deal with a chopped up load order.

Thank you so much. I’m slowly learning - I know the .fla is messy and inefficient. There’s probably far better ways of making that site do what it does, than how I did it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again!

i dont know how to zip files so that you can download it???

Well, to zip them, you need something like winzip. I believe www.ipswitch.com has it. However, it will be too big to upload to this site. You can send the plain .fla to [email protected] if you wish, or if it would be easier.

i zipped it…but it still says that it is too big…i hafta eat…so i willl be back later

It will be too big to upload here, so you’ll have to send it over mail. =)

it is still to large for e-mail