Most embarrasing experience

ya know, in all my years, and all the embarassing things i’ve experienced, i still think that the worst goes back to my childhood, and revolves around farting.

i was in 6th grade. i had just moved to a new school and was struggling to fit in and be one of the ‘cool kids’. i had made significant progress and had just managed to weasle my way into the group so i was pretty much in, but i was still walking on eggshells. well, last period rolls around one day and it is social studies class. we had a test. i was sitting in the back next to the coolest girl in school. :beam: everything was quiet and we were all concentrating, and sure enough, i was having intestinal problems. i felt that feeling, but i thought i could hold it in, and we weren’t allowed to leave the room until we handed in out tests, so i just tried to hold it in. unfortunately, it was too powerful for me, and an enourmos fart slipped out. to make matters worse, we were sitting on those hard plastic school charis, so it had a nice reverb effect. well, that would be bad enough, from the chaos that ensued, and the comments from the cool girls. but on top of that, it was also a stinky one. and since we werent allowed to leave, we all had to sit through it. plus it was a hot late spring day, so it was even grosser. our teacher was gracious enough to open the windows a little more. but i got detention for disrupting the test, and i was called “stinkbomb” for the next month. heheheh.

so what are your stories?? i need a good chuckle today.

Lol they will have to call this forum the golgi forum soon, :stuck_out_tongue: u taking over!!!

i sorry, i bored. and you guys are my frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeends :crazy:

Most embarrassing experience? Most recent one would be listening to Lava’s latest radio show and discovering my name being mentioned several times in association with bondage. :stuck_out_tongue:

hehehe. kink-ay.
if i were you kit, i would be proud. its not just any woman who can do it right. :wink:

i cant think of one… but im sure i have one or two

bondage eh, i ain’t heard it yet i mite have to lsiten now and have a laugh at u :D. One of most embarrasing things was gettin pushed off a bus when it was stopping but still moving quite fast. I gambolled over and rolled face first into the bus stop pole. Theres another story but that was really embarrassing n not ready to be told yet :smiley:

ooo oo, lunar, tell me your story, or i will attatck you with SoulWraith :stuck_out_tongue:

I cannot name just one embarrising moment for me. My whole life is based on the fact that everything happens to me lol

But heres a story that i know laugh at…

Just so that it makes a bit more sense i grew up in a small town in wyoming.

I was in high school when this happened. I parked my car in front of the school one day not thinking anything… I had this beat up datsun b-210 (which was an awesome look for me) with a small tiny hole in my gas tank. It only dripped like 1 drip per hour , not a big deal, not dangerous. Well i was in my 2nd period class (11:00a or so.) and i was in another class (with a bunch of freshman) doing my typing work, (i did a stupid typing independant study thing.) all of a sudden the intercom comes on, and says “The blue car with licence plates…” (and she named my plates). “Your care is leaking gas!”. So i really didnt know what to do, so i stayed calm… and continued and thought i’d casualy leave (so they wouldnt suspect a thing). While i was waiting, everyone was talking about it, laughing etc, even the kids next to me were telling me “Wow that guy must be stupid” and i was like "yea, what a moron!.. "… so i go out into the hall, and my friend run by and says “THERES LIKE 50 COPS OUT THERE AND YOUR CAR… ITS>…GO LOOK!” and i was thinking massive trouble… there was 1 cop . so im outside with the cop and he said, well i saw it and called the fire dept. all of a sudden the FIretruck comes with the lights on and the siren blarring. (and the fire station is right at the end of the block…) by then everyone was looking outside and looking and laughing at me, and they realized who it was and that made if funnier… so i finnally got my car, and drove it home… but i’ll never forget that… lol

*Originally posted by Kitiara *
**Most embarrassing experience? Most recent one would be listening to Lava’s latest radio show and discovering my name being mentioned several times in association with bondage. :stuck_out_tongue: **

haha… AnOrak raised the possibility that you might have been listening to it at work… haha.

Yes, I was… On the loud speakers. :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t expecting that. :slight_smile:

hehe, raydred, great story. :beam:

*Originally posted by Kitiara *
**Yes, I was… On the loud speakers. :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t expecting that. :slight_smile: **

haha… that’s messed up. Did your co-workers say anything? :slight_smile:

YES. :blush:

Some more subtle than others. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I posted mine in a nudity thread, but I’ll repost here:

I like nudity…

which reminds me. One time I took a trip with my friends to camp on the banks of Loch Lomond. one morning half of us decided to climb Ben Lomond(mountain beside the loch). me and one other reached the top first. since we knew there wasn’t anyone for a while behind us, I decided a spot of nakedness was in order, so I took my clothes off, stood on top of the post that marks the summit and gazed down on the loch feeling like the Naked King of the World.

I then turned round and realised for the first time that there was in fact ANOTHER path coming up the OTHER side of the mountain.
and there was a Chinese couple standing there open-mouthed.

at least I was a talking point from a trip to Scotland.


I think for me it was (back in junior high) when I lent some sega genesis game to a buddy of mine. I will admit that the kid I lent it to was a huge dork, and prone to people doing mean things to him, but I liked him anyhow.

This other kid, stole the game from him. I was not a happy camper when I found out. Well the kid that stole it found out that it was not the dorks game and it was mine and decided he would do the right thing and give it back to me the next day.

So the next day waiting outside to get into school in the dead of a boston winter, the kid that stole the game came up to me and said something to the effect of:

“sorry man, I didnt know this was yours and I stole it from that clown pete…here you go”

Me being the big tough guy that I am said gimme that (insert bad word here) as I went to rip it out of his hand. Instead of grabbing it, I accident slammed it and sent the case and the cartridge flying like 30 yards into 2 different snowbanks.

There were a ton of people standing around that saw the whole thing that laughed at me about it the whole day…

I felt like a tool…

Long story short…

I later became incredibly good friends with the kid that stole the game later on in High School, and now lives with me in my condo.

ahh, an 80’s movie ending. :slight_smile:

Its funny how things work out like that man.

Either that or its just because he is the only other one I know who takes his weekend drinking to such extreme levels as me.

hey fester, what are the best bars around here? i’m goin on a binge this weekend with a long lost freind, and i need some good ideas.