Illustrator. Help!

Im a total newbie in Illustrator. So I want to how to make some nice curved lines to make a nice logo! Just that!

Can you guys help me please! That will be a great Xmas gift!

Thnx n Mry Xmas


sure, use the pen tool dropping points where you think is necessary (you’ll get better at this with time), then go to sub-mode to select individual nodes, hold alt and drag to make curves. Curves can be made while drawing, however if you close the shape you’ll get a big bubble when it closes. I prefer to work using the first method.

Oh and BTW I’m sure this is covered in the HELP FILE!!!

where is that!?

which the help files or the pen tool??

The pen tool can be found on the tools panel. And the help files are in the top menu . Help / Illustrator help (or press F1)

lol @ Soulty. :stuck_out_tongue: Good work.

just trying to help :stuck_out_tongue: