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Sorry lostinbeta… I thought that laughing smiley at the end of my statement would be enough to show that I was being sarcastic. :slight_smile:


It did show sarcasm, that is why I put smilies in my post :slight_smile:

Kinda weird I know…but so am I :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, something HP has definitely been written, that’s for sure (I was a fan of Anthony Horowitz when I was a kid. Same kinda story, really). But JK is smart enough not to do linear books. OK, I feel like writing about HP. I think I’ll start a Harry Potter thread in the random forum… :stuck_out_tongue: <-- [SIZE=1]non-sarcastic smiley, I WILL do it[/SIZE] :evil:

Harry Potter = cool.

I really can’t see why the Church of England over here made such a big hoohah over it. Encouraging the black arts, indeed. What nonsense. No doubt a few kiddiwinks with healthy imaginations tried getting hold of broomsticks and flying, but the lack of results would soon dissuade them. Besides, if you’re going to have a go at Harry Potter, might as well critcise every book / film / art that doesn’t conform to Christian standards and offers a slightly different view of things. It’s fiction for crying out loud!

And to all those critics who slated the books and said that they didn’t want their children reading such waffle - be grateful that children nowadays are reading <i>anything</i> that isn’t a TV listing for the week. Stop whinging.

Oh, and getting back to Photoshop tutes, which I think is what this thread was about, I’ve got a few cool text effects I could write up if people were interested?

Potter rocks, I must say. I am with David on this one, people are too funny about the whole Dark Arts thing. Personally, I have not seen any kids zoom around me on their broomsticks. I guess that means that if they are practicing witchcraft, perhaps they are doing it when Im not looking. Hmmm… or maybe it is some kind of veil of ignorance spell!


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**Oh, and getting back to Photoshop tutes, **
Nice try, Kit. You won’t take us away from HP… :evil:

I’m in class right now, so I’ll get back to that later…

Anything you show these boys, Kit, they are sure to look at.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a tut or two myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a little food for thought …

It’s not so much that kids are (or aren’t) becoming successful broomstick pilots … it’s that they’re TRYING. That’s what some people are concerned with. The power of suggestion seems silly to some, but being in the business of education, I also understand that some kids — though perhaps in small minority — are very impressionable. I’m not casting a vote FOR or AGAINST HP. Just introducing a concept less traveled.

Kit, I understand your statement about being happy kids are reading “anything” these days. But by the same token, I think we need to be proactive and still take certain stands and hold high standards. Again, no particular reference to HP, just an educator standing on his soap box. :cowboy:


I’d like to make som Photoshop tutorials also. I have some efects I have made I would love to get them out. This question was asked before, but where are the tutorials going to be placed? Aer they going to stay in the forums?


But if you read the product info on the Nimbus 2000, who wouldn’t want to fly around on a broomstick!

Broomsticks sorta get a bad rap, don’tcha think? If not for the evil connotation, I’d much prefer to try broomstick flying. Well, right after the magic carpet thing. :pirate:


[SIZE=1]there’s only one other book series that kept my
attention like HP, and is The Dark is Rising series by Susan
Cooper. It also has some darker undertones of evil.

I don’t know why people automatically think that books with a lot
of imagination are immediately tagged as children’s books.
Personally I would prefer them.

Funny how my 2 favorite series are both take place in England…
and I’ve never even been there!

Guess I should go sometime. Add it to the list of things to do
before I leave this earth I guess…


sorry to butt in…

but for centuries, a major portion of society has the attitude that if you look at it, it will corupt you. :evil:

I, personally have never seen this as logical. If I see a gun, I therefore become violent? If I see an underwear ad, I become a pervert? :-\

If parents spent 1/2 as much time with their kids talking about what they saw, and how to deal with it, as they do trying to shelter them, I think that a lot of the “hyper-impressionistic” attribute in children would deminish.

I guess they feel that if they don’t see it, it won’t contaminate their little paradise.:sleep: unfortunately, religeon has been behind a lot of this censorship, usually all because of a bone headed power play:x

Just my 2cents…


OK, I don’t know what we are talking about anymore, so here are a few bits and pieces:[list][]Yes! Eilsoe told me that Kirupa told him [SIZE=1]that his sister told him[/SIZE] that there was going to be a space for PS tutorials on the site, so I guess you’re all invited to make some. Yipee!! And if Kirupa doesn’t want them, we can always create a lobby.[]You’re so yesterday, Rennie. Now everybody’s craving for a Firebolt… :P[]Never heard of that book, Unflux. I read a lot but not THAT much. Last wonderful thing I read? Harry Potter and the Gobl… all right all right. The Moor’s last Sigh by Salman Rushdie. Now that’s a book.[]One thing I really like about Harry Potter: the books change. I don’t know what I mean by that, but it’s the way I felt when I read them[*]dexa, some kids also jumped from their windows dressed up as Superman…[/list]Some more random stuff next time.

pom :cowboy:

They did?!?! :bandit: Rebels!! :rambo: (-:

HP teaches about superman?! LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:


HP takes on SuperMan any day, man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does HP ride a broom when he battles Superman? :goatee:

I wonder what the Worm thinks about all this?


Superman beats up kids with broomsticks?

(in case you didn’t know, I am going for the whisper down the lane effect here)

at least HP doesn’t wear tights like superman! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or wears his underwear on the outside…