I'm joining Salesforce!

Hi, everyone - Just wanted to share a slight career update…mostly to silence the rumors that I have joined the circus :elephant:

After nearly 10 years at Microsoft (working on designer tools, frameworks, mobile device tooling, PWAs, and a boatload of side-projects), I decided to join an amazing team of developers and designers at Salesforce working on the Lightning Design System:

I am really excited to get back to working on UI/UX-related challenges on a product line that people love and use extensively. Best of all, I stay closer than ever to cutting edge web technologies, work/learn/play alongside some brilliant people, and bask in an environment filled with fun cartoon characters everywhere! :cup_with_straw:



Congrats Kirupa!!


Very cool! I’m excited for you Kirupa! I like how they have a seasonal release schedule. Winter is coming!

Congratulations @Kirupa!

The cartoon characters alone made it a no-brainer career move. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope that you will find all the challenges and rewards which you desire as you embark on this new chapter of your career. Vive la cutting edge! Really sorry regarding you not getting picked up by the circus yet again, keep trying though, don’t let the circus dream die K-man.

Petty I know, but is the focus outline / highlight color a desired result on the hamburger menu, text links, of that page?

Congradulations on your new endeavor.

Thanks everyone! :stuck_out_tongue:

prg - are you referring to this?

Yes it was, I see it so often on sites when its not intended, don’t mind me.

Are people not intending it ignoring proper accessibility?

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Congratulations on your new move. The lightning design system front page there… The hot air balloon, the colors and logo… Something quite familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it…


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Are we strategic partners now?

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To the strategic parnership mobile! :small_airplane:

Belated congrats!

I’ve been busy probably failing my PhD candidacy!

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Well, me and my partners are going to take down you and your partners! :stuck_out_tongue:

Other people are already working on it :grimacing:

Hahaha! :stuck_out_tongue: