I'm too nice

■■■■ me and me politeness…

I’ve just been asked to our homecoming which doesnt take place for another month. Homecoming at our college isn’t a very big deal and I was gonna go out that night, just probably not to the homecoming festivities.

Anyways, a girl asked me to go with her, which kind of suprised me seeing as how we are quite a ways from homecoming. Basically I was invited to hang out with a group earlier this week and now this girl (shes in the group) wants to go with me as her date. When she called I kinda froze for a second because I didn’t even know who was calling me and was not expecting to be asked to homecoming (id rather be the one asking). This girl is one of the last people I’d want to go with but I never like to hurt anyone so I told her that I wasn’t sure that I was going yet but if I was that would be fine.

Help me out if you guys have ever put yourself in this position and ladies your input is definitely appreciated. I think the group is fine, but the whole date thing isn’t gonna work. Should I just suggest that we stick to the group?

And as I ask geekily for dating advice on the net, it is a bit late and no one to talk to around here.